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Monday, April 24, 2017

On ACC tournament

Spirit is not cheap at all. All those hidden fees including carry on bag.

SEC set the bar too high, wonder if ACC can match it. Practically every SEC team were good. As I said, I won't be surprised if half the teams(8) will be from SEC at UGA. In that case, I've already seen them at SEC lol, so no regrets if I can't make it to UGA next month.

Difference between SEC and ACC;

SEC has no ticket. ACC charges $16.
SEC parking for the day $15, ACC, dunno on Berry. Is there ample parking lot at the RTC itself?

Nashville weather was bearable, was hot and a bit humid in the afternoon, but ok.
Rome, I'm dreading it lol, the humidity might be higher. And the possibility of rain, of course. RTC doesn't seem to have indoor courts?

Like SEC, the primary reason I'm going is other than birding lol, to watch lower seeded teams(I said my top priority at SEC was to watch Pothoff/Routliffe doubles). UNC and Duke I even saw them during Freeman, not to mention WAATC and Oracle. Daavettila didn't actually play at UNLV lol but at least she was there.

So VT vs BC(is it 7am or 10am, I'm confused. ACC website says 7am but that doesn't make sense? All other pages says 10) is a marquee match.
Anyway the winner plays NCSU, another marquee match.
I wonder who'll win, Louisville vs Syracuse.
Never saw Pittsburgh. ND probably will advance? Hence ND vs CU, marquee match.
And UVA of course, against FSU, should be good. Winner plays UNC.
WF vs GT probably, another marquee match, and so on.

Like SEC I won't be able to watch the semis, in fact I have to race to the airport immediately after watching the Quarterfinals lol. I wonder if I can catch sleep during the night flight to Norman..

Unlike SEC, they combine men and women, not good. Too crowded, and probably more rowdy lol, and less parking space?

Also the time. SEC played one match at a time. ACC, 2 matches are played at once! So have to choose and pick or roam around. SEC did start an hour earlier at 9, and probably finished way later than ACC I guess lol. So I guess I could do some evening birding at Berry college or Georgia Highland.

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