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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On John Harte's 'How Churchill Saved Civilization'

For the ones who're familiar with the Churchillianas like me(he had many flaws. His morbid hatred of Gandhi for example. He also started the practice of air bombing on Iraq in the 1920s or something, saying it's cost effective), this book is useless. It's for the beginners, because;


'Most accomplished politician of the time' and that's WWI. Is this a joke. Churchill was relatively young then, and he wasn't even a PM. David Lloyd George and H. H. Asquith were vasty greater then.


"Stanley Baldwin shared the complacent pacifism that was typical of the Liberal and Labour-Socialist Parties."?

What a load of bollocks. Doesn't Harte know that Baldwin was a Conservative, and that they shared the 'zeal of peace' equally? Pacificsm wasn't even complacent back then, it was quite fierce, understandably after the carnage of WWI.

Conservative's pacificm was even more insiduous because they rather identified with Hitler on several issues lol. Many Establishment members were actually FOND of Hitler, regarding him as the Bulwark against Bolshevism.

Maybe I'll keep reading to see how he treats those Ruling class, but so far, not even remotely impressed.

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