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Sunday, April 2, 2017

On the National

Naturally I'm not inclined at all this moment to attend this, in August at Barnes.
Again, it's either me or the Baptistes. Even if she doesn't come, I'm not sure I'll attend. Will take a voluntary hiatus this time. The trauma is just too much.

What am I 'gaining' here? Players might garner attention by my writing. But what about ME?  Donations(of course I'm extremely thankful) are not big enough to cover my travel expenses; leaking money whenever I attend, at least gas expenses when I cover local college matches, ISC and WAATC.
And now THIS.
I persevered AFTER those early incidents at Calabasas and Laguna Niguel. After THIS, you can't really ask me to persevere again. That's just cruel. I'm not a masochist.

Anyway I sincerely advise the Baptistes to NOT bother traveling to the West, to play ISC, EB and the National. It's 'my' territory(am I being too dramatic here lol). Save those traveling expenses and concentrate on Tulsa, Eddie Herr and Orange Bowl. I'm sure you can attract some coaches from obscure colleges..!

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