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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On Ron Howard's movie 'Inferno'

The worst of Dan Brown movies. At least  Angels & Demons had Ayelet Zurer.

Every deviation from the novel, crap lol.
Miscasting, better Bill Pullman than Hanks, or maybe a younger actor.
Siena Milller would be vastly better than Felicity Jones(not very good here, quite a wooden performance, or maybe didn't have much to work with).

Is Ron Howard also a 'has been' now. But he wasn't even that good to begin with I guess. I do like Frost/Nixon and Rush though.

When you see the trajectory of former greats(of course Ron Howard is not), you tend to appreciate Woody Allen more. Really, he's the best director for the last quarter of the century.

Anyway, maybe I should read Dante again. But which edition?

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