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Saturday, April 1, 2017

'Phantom Menace'; It's a PLOT!

Phew, arrived safe and sound, to sanity!

Now, of course I ruminated about that surreal incident on the way back.

My first 'script' was this;


Ms. Kuhle said she read my blog.
Oh I don't think so. If she read it, she wouldn't have spouted such nonsense like filming and taking pics lol.
Congratulation Ms. Kuhle,  you're hereby inducted to my Blacklist of Infamy. Very select group, so you should be proud of yourself!


Then I thought further, because it just didn't make any sense lol.

Now Mr. Baptiste accused me of filming and taking pic of her daughter.
Readers, you know that I didn't even watch her properly during this tournament, or ISC(did she play it? Can't remember). Why should I lie about it.
So, is he mad? Does he have a defective eyesight, or can't he properly process what he actually saw lol. He can't be that stupid(shouldn't he be hospitalized if he can't relate to reality)?? Is he on drugs? Hallucinating?

Ms. Kuhle said she read my blog. No shit. Of course, a blatant lie. 'I'm treading on dangerous grounds'? Oh am I so scared. 'Saying negative things about minors'? Like what? If I asked her to name an example, would she've named it? I highly doubt so. 
You know, she was brooking no discussion at all.  A really interesting 'performance', don't you think.

Then it hit me.

They were reading a script. Parroting a script! (yeah I'm a birder! What did you expect haha).

But why? To provoke me and to get me off the venue, probably. Succeeded, of course. So, will they 'have their heads patted and given cookies'? Lol. In other words, why, again? Just gets curiouser and curiouser..! Were they just messengers(shudder)??  Did I ruffle some feathers higher up? LOL.

I mean, if we disregard the notion that she was so under the influence of Mr. Baptiste, that she didn't even bother to check up on the actual facts!

But I'm not going to fight it. Why should I? I have no power. Director Kuhle is the power that be, not me! It would be so cool to say 'I'll leave the fight to the others' lol, but just can't bother anyhow.

I wonder what other birders will say about this incident; I'll relate this surreal episode then hear their verdict, for sure!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There was absolutely no need for Tournament officials to treat you in that abhorrent manner nor should Mr. Baptiste. Any spectator has rights-the right to watch-and you only take notes. I wouldn't mind some binoculars myself to see the scores far away. They don't remember that you are a bird watcher as well. I've never seen you take pictures and you will interact if someone (a parent) has questions about what you're doing. You and any spectator deserve the courtesy of being considered innocent of any wrongdoing while watching tennis and not being physically threatened by overzealous, "jumping to criminal conclusions" parents.