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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Safely Lakewood

Drove straight from the airport parking lot to here lol. Quarter pound hotdog at 7-11 and Strawberry Sundae at McDonald's was the first proper meal for today, after Evloeva vs Stevens match was concluded(close to 2pm). Yeah I mean I had to watch the 'guests', so..

Why is LA way hotter than Nashville??!!
Thankfully the singles matches started late so could watch a significant portion. Too bad couldn't watch Hand vs Chen much, but had to vacate my seat for..the kids lol.
Guests from East drop shotting(missed Clarissa's whining! Haha) was expected, but from the North, somewhat less so.

Stevens vs Evloeva was my marquee 1st rd match for the day, and again, they didn't disappoint. National level.

Now hoping a good match between Tatum and Clarissa! Who plays Stevens, Julia? Did Willfow win? :p. Totally forgot about Chavatipon vs Richards, wonder how it went. And of course, the Hands' dbls! I was looking forward to their match so wasn't too discouraged about not watching much of Christina losing to Kelly lol.

Just poking on my Fire so will write proper review later.

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