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Saturday, April 22, 2017

'Small fry' hits Nashville by Storm!

And 'Gone with the Wind'? Lol. It was more like a torrential downpour at 5am today, and the airport didn't help by not stating the rental parking lot precisely; I wasn't the only one who ventured to short term parking lot by mistake, wasting precious minutes.

I'm in a magnanimous mood, hence again reverting this blog to public.

Thanks to non-tennis fans.

First I really want to thank a staff at American Airline counter. I was LATE, and she competently and kindly helped me out getting the boarding pass. I really should leave a comment commending her at their website or something.

Then, MANY who were waiting at the security line, kindly let me go ahead when I piteously pleaded my lost cause lol(I was late for 6am boarding, it was close to 5:45am!). Dunno why the staff confiscated the bug spray, I've read the regulation and it's okay if you put it in a vynl container. Had no time to argue though and she did expedite the process for me.

Now yesterday;

Michael Smith. Joel Bruyere. Tom Seador. Ann Inouye. Chris Agee.

Veteran Nashville birders(just check ebird and their names frequently pop up!) and I was helped immensely yesterday morning.

I birded Garnier ridge, on the East Lot the day before, and it was a huge mistake. Mostly under the canopy, so the view was not ideal(dark). It's really for advanced birders; not for a beginner like me. Should've just birded the West Lot again.  But I blame Expedia and Dollar Rental for fucking the morning birding schedule; Thanks to them I missed the Wednesday birding walk which started at 7:30am. Already stated that I solicited their info when they came 'back' from the walk that day.

So after 'birding' Garnier(encountered lots of Deers though lol), was lamenting why did I even come here, if I can't bird properly, at all(met a Park Ranger on the way back though, and he told me some various infos, also pointing out a Louisiana Waterthrush to me, thank ye!).
Thank goodness I decided to bird the West Lot again. At 6am of course, desperado dawn birding lol.

And met Michael Smith.
He was a Master of the craft, even very proficient in picking out bird sounds. With his kind and expert guidance, could spot lots of birds. He was later joined by Joel Bruyere, then Tom Seador, Ann Inouye, Chris Agee. All 'familiar' names to me lol, consulting ebird reports.
They were all very nice, and with their help, had a productive morning birding! Really for the beginners, West lot is the best, walking either side of the lake trail(we headed north, so I had to leave them early to spot that Prothonotary which is on the south side).

So, was able to spot(or at least hear) about 51 species at Davidson county. Total now 407, probably added like 20 new birds. Especially fortunate for me was spotting a Barred Owl flying across the road when I was vacating the East Lot on Wednesday in despair lol. Also saw Blue Jay And adult male Northern Cardinal there: fortuitous chance encounters are another joy of birding!I

And just today at FSW, spotted two Doves and a Grackle while riding the sky tram or something to the gate! So that goes to my first Texas bird list! :)  Dallas really was a flat terrain, as Adi's mom said.

Now you can't really expect me to provide detailed SEC recap and today's recap at Lakewood now. I slept like one or two hours on the night of 18-9(at least thank god for Airbnb, my first experience and they were terrific. Quiet location close to the airport, very clean, and free wifi).. Yesterday night, less than 5 hours probably.  Hot dog for breakfast, Wendy's and Subway's for lunch or dinner(as I said, perilously low on funds after booking for 3 travels). I need to recuperate lol, and to prepare for Rome birding(ACC)!

I'll just say that I was very impressed with the overall level. Probably 4 teams host the NCAA, but I'll say 8 teams might make UGA, not joking. There were many 4-3 matches, and even Vandy and UF were tested. UGA was upset by UA(so UA will host NCAA).

The experience was marred by the presence of 'That woman'(you know, head of official at EB. She's a 'miniature version' of Marylynn Baker in appearance. No ponytail like Lauren. Hair is probably close to white. Mean looking woman wearing a sunglass). I was flabbergasted spotting her officiating Repic vs Rioux: WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE DOING HERE????!!  When I 'fled' 'troublesome' California and 'sought sanctuary' in the Wanted to taunt and confront her about her supposedly 'reading' my blog and to call her a damn liar lol, but I'm too nice. Just ignored her, blocked her out while watching matches. Is she also going to officiate at Rome? Jesus Christ..I do hope at least she won't be at Norman..

Told coach Bernstein about her and Mr. Baptiste's nefarious deeds(he told me she's a UGA alumna, didn't know her name though) maybe should've gathered all the coaches and told them lol. Operation Mincemeat(but isn't that a British code during WWII lol) or Pariah! Maybe should do it at Rome and But some coaches read my blog anyway, so I'll just trust the time-tested words of mouth to do the trick.

Said hi to Hadley, and nice chatting with Frances Altick again, did she fly all the way from Louisiana to watch her alma mater play?!

Oh really nice to chat with Kelly again today, talked about birding Radnor and such, her injury, my crazy Rome-Norman schedule, Liu's future plan, her memorable matches Winter National singles final against Horvit, and EB doubles against Beck/Goulak. She agreed Beck was really good. And the demise of Ojai(to Team format). Glad she's back :)

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