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Monday, April 24, 2017

Some tidbits from SEC tournament

Funny Colette is traveling West to cover Ojai while I'm 'tramping' East lol. Speaking of Ojai, maybe they followed men because of the future Super Regional format for the NCAA. Now seeding really matters. All those 'upsets' by Stanford is less probable now. Who pushed for the change, maybe Colette can find out?
Anyway, the glorious tradition of Ojai's Individual competition is over. It's just another team tournament now. Hence, my pronouncing that Ojai is truly dead. No more interesting matchups between players of different team singles order, like #1 playing #3, #4 playing #6. Now just the same 'ole story, a repeat from the Dual matchups. What's the fun in that I have no idea. It also means that doubles is even shorter in Ojai, because it'll play 6 games lol. Individual competition guaranteed longer format. Another instance of the doubles' demise. Really, it's like a conspiracy to kill doubles lol.

I really don't have time so will just type what I poked on my cell phone. I did scribble vastly more on a paper notepad, but dunno when I'll 'transcribe' it, definitely not now since I have to prepare for Rome and Norman trips.  Also have to write brief recaps on Lakewood G18 National tournament. Also busy inputting all those miscellaneous bird sightings at Nashville on ebird.

Just for the 2 days, 20th and 21th(19th I exclusively scribbled methinks).

Park ranger on the 20th told me there's a Cerulean warbler on the NE section of the park.

Mark Smith on the 21th told me that Beaman Park literally crawls with Worm-eating Warbler. I did check that spot and wondered if it's too far, he said it's only 30-minute drive. We also discussed the pronunciation of 'Pileated' Woodpecker lol.

Joel Bruyere(I think he said he's from Canada?) said at a Alabama hotspot(shore area, probably during the migration season. Likewise High Island at the Gulf Coast of Texas is also famous), Grey Catbirds literally drops from the tree lol. He spotted the bird and Mark went way inside to explore it lol, I was just too tired so didn't bother. Seen the bird at least twice at LA anyway :p


Catchphrase of SEC; 'It just means more'. Logical since TAMU is NOT at SE lol. It's not a 'Southeastern' Confernce anymore! Really TAMU should've just stayed at Big 12..haha. For that matter, ND from Midwest as well, but I do get to watch them at Rome!

About that VU article on coach Mac, he mentioned about good decision making. Really that's the crux of the matter, since they don't have enough time to improve techniques at college(limited practice time and all that). Maybe that's why VU is so good now. Good decision making, smart plays.

Moi, 'tramp on the road(Chaplin??!! I'm not quite as funny I guess lol)'

Pretty much everybody gesture sorry when they benefit from the net cord. Diko(Auburn #1) did it even in the late stage of the 3rd set.

Sadie nice handshake despite losing singles.

Peanut can was left unattended at the Indoor court viewing area so took some lol, I was just too hungry(ate dinner at Wendy's after vacating the venue on the later stage of Ole Miss vs UK, couldn't bear it any longer. I just can't bear hunger lol).

Tea Jandric served well.

Oh forgot to mention this but Ellen Perez stood talking with a friend? right in front of me(of course I was sitting on the very top bleacher seat, as usual the farthest from the players lol. It commands better view of all courts, of course. The stand doesn't extend to behind court 5 and 6, so the view for court 6 is limited. Really you can't beat Marks in this regard, and they have roof now), for a LONG TIME! They were perfectly blocking Rioux vs Repic, so couldn't stand much longer and finally gently suggested them to sit down lol.
And then I found out 'that woman' was officiating this match(or did I spot it before Ellen stood up)! Maybe Ellen was 'shielding' me from the 'eyesore'!

Should've properly said hello to the Dawgs, they were all sitting, watching matches in front and below of me.  Well I did chat with coach Bernstein so that's that. For that matter should've said hello to UF coaches as well, too bad.


Encountered a Vandy Mascot at the entrance of a athletics building(to visit the restroom. You have to walk some to get there. Maybe I should've taken the 2nd floor at the Indoor facility?), we 'exchanged greetings' lol.

I thought I spotted Marie Casares(former Vandy star). She was sitting on the viewing area like the rest of us.  But she was wearing UF clothes?

Rioux drop shots, and hit early offensively(against Kuhlman).

MSU loud cheer. My impression of SEC, DAMN LOUD lol. Maybe it's the Southern temper or tradition..!

Someone was wearing a Los Angeles cap.

Woolcock had MTO during singles.

Jasmine Lee drop shot and lob combo(against Woolcock).

Sharma watched from the viewing area the day before. This day Campbell joined her.

Harrison vs Neel;

#3, as usual the marquee match spot lol.
N serve well. H passes. H ace. N drop shot at gamepoint, sends the match to tb? N bathroom break after losing the set? H even lobs well. N oi good? what's 'oi', a typo?
H applauds N's fine play(by the way Hadley Berg was busy applauding Justina M's winners at the start of the match lol, Justina's drives were that good).
H nets overhead? nets bh(did N intentionally send the balls to that direction, since H's fh was causing major damage) later. N drop shot. MP, H's aggressive drive then volley winner on weak response. Nice handshake.

Rentouli(against Austin? Austin played up! #4 then playing #3 the final day, did lose that match against VU?) could paint sidelines, attacking.
Austin served ok methinks.
W(oolcock?) serve well.

VU men tennis players? UNC guy?
Redland Redhawks(women) tennis team? They came by to watch. To think of it didn't collegetennistoday come by? I didn't even know at the time, but I checked his twitter(via Colette's) and he uploaded some clips of indoor matches(weather was quite nice actually, I could bird in the morning lol. Only started to rain late afternoon. I'm worried about Rome though, ugh. Do they have indoor facility). I did notice somebody eyeing me during those indoor matches..was it him? Dunno his face lol.

UGA had a woman coach? Volunteer coach? Should check the says Vroni Van Berlo.

Taylor Russo serves well. Another factor in her upset of Kennedy. Fh passing shot. Long towel haha.
Kennedy netted overhead...what, 3 times? She needs practice on that one!
I think she DFed at mp.

Pe(who is this, Perez methinks) drop shot. Brinson's volley long. Perez net approach. Axon(she defeated Brinson) nice variety.

So finally got to watch Elena or Eleni Christofi for an extended time, not bad, can certainly produce power, but not overwhelmingly say like Perez. A bit unstable(drives). She once kicked up the ball very well! I think she could move better but she's quite tall, so..

Roos van der Zwaan vs Marta Gonzalez was pretty tight. Z served well in the 2nd. G gestured sorry on something, dunno why but nice manners.


Johnson(from Oregon) and Abby Owens didn't play, probably a factor in their defeat against VU? Was Abby also suffering from Senioritis lol, or was she injured. Really too bad, she's not even on the official roster? She can't have graduated early?

Georgina Sellyn(#5 vs Becca W), hits deep. I said Becca played well during the 2nd set(could only watch the 2nd set, I was concentrating on the other end, #4 Emma vs Jess match).
Becca missed a crucial shot after she opened up the court, she could've made 4-3 with that shot but lost that game. Was it a drive volley?

Jade Lewis came to Foster on the bench and chatted briefly after F's win. That was not an easy win against Rosca, that was one intense match. F generally was the aggressor.


Only saw the Cocks late in the day at Indoors during LSU vs VU match, as I said said hi to Hadley. Not sure her parents were there? I think somebody tried to talk to me but I wasn't wearng a hearing aid then..sorry if I was uncommunicative.
Anyway dunno why they arrived late, was it budgetary reason or were they practicing somewhere secretively lol.

Thankful that I wasn't harmed, not a scratch on my rental car either! Maybe I should not have bought the collision protection  Nissan Versa was quite nice. Was able to book at Advantage after that disaster with Dollar at the airport, good experience. Read all the negative reviews, but no problem on my part that day.

Phew, finished, erased all cell phone entries. Now brief recaps for Lakewood..

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