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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tech won

Impressed with the level, both team's players were really good. Jackson improved immensely, she's now actually quite powerful, no wonder she has done well this season.

Val was probably even more powerful than Granic but errors were her bane. G really is a good player, not only can produce huge pace, can also keep the ball in play. Val saved like 5 mps, but next one was G's service return winner or something.

Talaba was flawless, was suprised. Both one handed back handers , her and Bianca. T was just too good. Not only power, excellent at net.

Only if they played doubles, alas..I was wickedly hoping for one of the UT players(Roldan or Wagland) to win!

BU, I know it's hard but could you step up and make the tie in singles lol. I want to see Traxler play, and I really did not fly here to watch ONLY ONE DOUBLES MATCH!!!!!

Thankfully was exchanging an email with a local expert birder during matches: she'll guide me to two places tomorrow! I trust starting time for the final doesn't change(4pm, I presume?).

Already met two new acquaintances! One a parent and one an official(she was at Vandy as well!)?

Indoor scoreboard is confusing. Opposite side place it differently, strictly following geographical court location. So top 3 scores on one side is 1,3,5, the other side, 2,4,6.

Has a separate bar scoreboard announcing players' names and time to match start, that's good.


Anonymous said...

How would these teams compare to some of the SEC teams you saw?

fan said...

i think they're pretty good actually. could definitely have a good match against even top sec teams. but didn't play doubles, so can't say on that regard.