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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The result of rain delay for Day 2 of ACC

From their website

Women’s Tennis
 4:00 PM – #5 NC State vs. #12 BC
 4:00 PM - #6 Wake Forest vs. #14 Louisville
 4:00 PM - #7 Clemson vs. #10 Notre Dame
 4:00 PM - #8 Virginia vs. #9 Florida State


Disaster of epic proportions lol.
Now which doubles match should I watch, eh?

I've seen NCSU doubles at Pepperdine and such.
CU team at WAATC.
UVA, very tempting. Kelly, etc.
But I want to see that Brazilian Master Humber again.
Unlike others I've seen her for the first tim yesterday.
Need to 'savor' her masterful skills more :p

Good thing is I can do more birding. Now if this damn guerrilla thunderstorm stops...

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