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Monday, April 3, 2017

The talented class of 2020

List from TRN

1(1)Caty McNallyOH14
2(2)Whitney OsuigweFL14
3(3)Katie VolynetsCA19
4(4)Alexa NoelNJ17
5(5)Vanessa OngOK16
6(6)Alexa RynglerCA12
7(7)Emma NavarroSC22
8(8)Chloe BeckGA20
9(9)Victoria HuMA21
10(10)Sedona GallagherNV15
11(12)Reilly TranVA16
12(11)Peyton StearnsOH22
13(13)Imani GrahamFL20
14(14)Nikki RedelijkFL22
15(17)Ava HrastarGA14
16(16)Audrey Boch-CollinsNV11
17(15)Lauren SteinAZ20
18(18)Sophia EdwardsFL17
19(23)Sanyukta GawandeFL8
20(20)Anessa LeeCA18
21(19)Naomi CheongNV12
22(21)Karina MillerMI15
23(22)Carly BriggsGA20
24(25)Muskan MahajanCA10
25(27)Mae Fmar CaneteCA11
26(29)Ruth MarshGA18
27(28)Jimar GeraldFL19
28(30)Fiona CrawleyTX18
29(26)Charlotte ChavatiponCA23
30(24)Gracie MulvilleCA5
31(31)Amy HuangCA17
32(33)Kiana GrahamTX20
33(34)Camille KissCA20

McNally/Osuigwe won G18 doubles, and M even has Jr. Slams experience.
Noel, excellent court vision and skill, G16 ISC finalist.
Beck/Navarro won EB doubles last year, beating Baptiste doubles on the way.
And Beck was phenomenal with Goulak against Chen/Liu this tournament.
Gallagher won G16 doubles with Taggart.
Stearns is also an excellent doubles player, as shown in her matches at ISC and such.
Graham also did very well, at NPB and EB.
Hrastar/Crawley won EB G14 doubles last year.
ABC, G16 3rd place with Pursell.
Stein, NPB finalist with Graham.
Kiss was quite impressive against Ewing/Stearns and Johnson/Li.

Really, usually all top singles players are also good in doubles.
Just look at the class of 2018. Top 2 Liu and Douglas, excellent at EB.
Don't have to mention Neel and Shibahara again, do I.
Hardebeck is an exceptional case lol, not the norm(even she was NCAA #3 doubles team with Dillon).

So, that 4 singles 2 doubles format is another insiduous plan to degrade doubles even further; because those elites will invariably have to choose to play singles. Doubles will be for 'Leftovers', weaker players.

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