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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The woman was not Lornie Kuhle?!

I apologise, just googled and he was a man lol.

So I dunno her name. But I strongly suspect that she was just following orders. Because she could NOT have told a blatant lie to my face without specific orders. Or that it's the tournament's official policy to condone and encourage the parents' abusing the fans. Can't think in any other way.

I don't have to prove jack shit. It's them, who have to prove themselves they were not blatantly incompetent and malignant.

Whoever is ultimately behind this, is a fucking coward.

EB is a 'Closed' tournament: I'll interpret it as 'closed to fans' lol.

So my basic premise, still stands. Just can't bother further. I demand a public apology, a ban on Mr. Baptiste, and a guarantee of my future safety. Even if those 'unrealistic' terms are met, not coming back.

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