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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Therapy (2)

39009056136225DUE 04-10-17Renewed 2 timesBIG

39009040126647DUE 04-10-17MAX

39009026084216DUE 04-10-17LIG

39009040252401DUE 04-10-17AME

39009039877663DUE 04-11-17FIC JOYCE,J

39009025026200DUE 04-11-17MIS

39009026084281DUE 04-11-17INF

Can't even read, all I can do now is immerse in an alternate universe. Those 6 and The Hollars, Sully, Polldark season 2, Magnificent 7, Deliver from us Evil(perfect title for my situation!).. I've read some Philip Roth's novels but not American Pastoral, maybe I should first read it then tackle the movie..?

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