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Monday, April 3, 2017

To the junior tournament directors; my future action when abused

I was too soft.

So now, will demand 'draconian' measure on the tournament when I get harassed further, should I attend junior tournaments again(very dangerous and crazy place, this is. A Jungle where paranoia reigns!! ).

Will demand instant dismissal and removal of the criminal. Either the criminal or me. Of course if they 'advise' me to quit, then they risk my unending ire and badmouthing them ad infinitum here...haha.

If they decide to remove the culprit, I'll also demand a security guard. Because those lunatics are unpredictable. I just do NOT want to risk my safety. I mean players not playing and parents might form a voluntary 'ring' around me lol, but I don't wanna risk their safety either.

That's it, you're hereby notified. If you don't wanna me to cover, please notify beforehand here(comment) or via my email(at the right column) so I don't have to waste my gas/lodging expenses.

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