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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Utah at UCLA brief recap

I'm taking 'a cure' to calm my 'frayed nerves' at EB lol. That's surely one of the purposes attending ACC and Big 12!

Found around 35 species at Lake Balboa, including the target species, Mute Swan.
Tried to find a Great Horned Owl at Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve picnic area(same spot as last year), but couldn't find it, it was too crowded what with a festival going on, and had little time left anyway.

Scores from UCLA

Utah vs UCLA
Apr 08, 2017 at Los Angeles, CA (Sunset Canyon Tennis Courts)

Spotted a Dark-eyed Junko on the roof of the swimming structure.

And nice to see the 'Pastor' again, never saw him until today this season.

Lots of Utah fans present(families I guess).

  #20 UCLA 4, Utah 0

 Doubles competition
1. #23 Hart/Fleming (UCLA) def. Pletcher/Calton (UTAH) 6-3

Overpowered. Utes struggled with serve, Margo especially. Margo overall wasn't too good, not her day. Too bad Taylor only played doubles.

2. Andrews/Miller (UCLA) vs. B. Turley/W. Turley (UTAH) 5-2, unfinished

The sisters defended quite well at net, especially Whitney. Alaina's serve condition seemed good today. Both Bruins served well. Gabby's bh was good.

3. Wiley/Shibahara (UCLA) def. Gerstner Da Rosa/Petrovic (UTAH) 6-1

Don't you think it's weird that they stop doubles while finish singles to completion. Not today, but yesterday USC vs Utah(didn't go there, just the results). logic there. Again, conspiracy to kill doubles, what else.

Singles competition
1. #2 Ena Shibahara (UCLA) def. Margo Pletcher (UTAH) 6-1, 6-1

Ena received serve inside the baseline as her wont, doubly effective since Margo struggled with her serve.

2. Terri Fleming (UCLA) def. Brianna Turley (UTAH) 6-1, 6-2

Brianna could create width, attack the lines(Terri once applauded a winner). Sliced very well, offensively. Don't particularly feel like Terri is a #2 player.

3. #114 Jada Hart (UCLA) vs. Alexia Petrovic (UTAH) 6-3, 2-3, unfinished

P certainly could attack, although Hart was the bigger hitter.

4. Alaina Miller (UCLA) def. Jena Cheng (UTAH) 6-2, 6-2

Alaina served well, and was just too powerful. Too powerful so once had an opportunity to make a slice/drop shot winner, and executed nicely.

5. Gabby Andrews (UCLA) vs. Whitney Turley (UTAH) 6-3, 5-0, unfinished
6. Kristin Wiley (UCLA) vs. L. Gerstner Da Rosa (UTAH) 2-6, 2-3, unfinished

Match Notes: Utah 7-8 UCLA 12-5; National ranking #20

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