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Thursday, April 6, 2017

What to do] Lek Trek / Big 12

Agonizing over the expense and such lol.

Contacted Lek Trek and the guy is extremely accommodating. He already waived like $55 in fees(2 fees) when I explained my financial predicament and knowing that I would participate only in 1 field trip.

The problem is, that's 25th(all day, from like 6am to 6pm!).

I plan to attend the tournament from 28th to maybe 29th, possibly the final.

So that's not an insignificant amount of additional hotel bill!  Last tournament started late for women, so I can bird a lot in the morning during the tournament anyway.

If I arrive there on the 27th, that's like total $760, including car rental.

Naturally if I plan to arrive on the 24th and participate on the Wichita Mt. Field trip(it's like an hour and a half from Norman..), it would be close to $900, or more.

The thing, is this is such a historic season for the OKC Thunders. Westbrook, of course. Naturally since I'm his fan, and also have a know what I mean? :)  Not that I'm going to try to watch a NBA game there! Expense would be then too much!

What to do...

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