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Friday, April 7, 2017

While there

Naturally my top priority is birding. Most players I've already seen, many since juniors.
But birds? Nope.

So even at the venue will be carrying a bino. Not that tiny one, a REAL one(shoulder strap is very good for long-time birding. You don't want to get your neck hurt!), 8 by 42 from Celestron.

Will be attuned to the surroundings, even while watching tennis. Tune out anything else! Even if the worse scenario happens, like that man materializing in front of me lol, can't bother. Don't have TIME to get provoked. Every seconds count.

Of course will 'grant audience' & gladly 'receive tributes'!
I sound like a roving

Naturally mornings will be wholely devoted to birding(thankfully matches start late, except the 1st day at ACC, 10 am or something).
And when I get back to the lodgings, not sure I'll write detailed recaps of the matches. Will probably sleep straightaway listening to warbler songs...!! Lol.
Then Dawn Birding, repeat!

Norman lodgings are unrefundable(2 nights) but I can cancel the Rome one(3 nights), maybe I can sleep at coach Bersteins's..! Any takers? Maybe I can sleep one night each at separate houses..!
Maybe there's a website or something, should check it out..if you know one, please tell.

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