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Monday, April 3, 2017

Zero tolerance policy and Mr. Baptiste

So my new guideline could be termed 'Zero tolerance policy'

And didn't some tennis body recently profess that they're implementing Zero tolerance policy as well?

If so it's bollocks, since they didn't apply it to Mr. Baptiste.

Well let's see USTA's guideline;

B. Bullying

Bullying is aggressive behavior (which may be sexual, physical, verbal, or relational or carried out via technology), repeated over time, that involves an Imbalance of Power.

Examples of bullying may include, without limitation:

Repeated acts or threats of physical aggression—Hitting, pushing, punching, beating, biting, striking, kicking, choking, spitting, or slapping; throwing objects such as sporting equipment at another person.

Repeated acts or threats of verbal aggression—Teasing, ridiculing, taunting, name-calling, or intimidating or threatening to cause someone harm.

Repeated acts or threats of social aggression, including cyberbullying—Using rumors or false statements about someone to diminish his or her reputation; using electronic communications, social media or other technology to harass, frighten, intimidate, or humiliate someone; socially excluding someone and asking others to do the same.

Rudeness, Meanness, Conflict Distinguished—Conduct may not rise to the level of bullying if it is merely rude (inadvertently saying or doing something hurtful), mean (purposefully saying or doing something hurtful but not as part of a pattern of behavior), or arising from conflict or struggle between persons of the same amount of power who perceive they have incompatible goals.

D. Harassment

Harassment is a pattern of repeated incidents (or a single incident if sufficiently severe) that: (a) is intended to cause fear, humiliation or annoyance; (b) offends or degrades; or (c) creates a hostile environment affecting an individual’s willingness or ability to participate in sport.

Examples. Harassment, which may be a form of emotional, physical or sexual misconduct, includes but is not limited to:
Stalking. Stalking is conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others or suffer substantial emotional distress. Stalking generally involves a course of conduct which includes two or more acts, involving persistent and frequent unwanted in-person contact, surveillance or unwanted telephone and/or other electronic contact. Stalking behaviors include: following a person; appearing at a person’s home, class, work or practice; frequent phone calls, emails, or text messages; continuing to contact a person after receiving requests to stop; leaving unwanted written messages, objects or gifts; vandalizing a person’s property; or threatening, intimidating or intrusive behavior.

I think those are ALL applicable to him.

He kicked me.
He threatened me.
He stalked me.
He was seen spreading calumny about me to an old couple
He took a pic of me.

So what did the tournament desk do, not a damn thing.  Heck, the woman didn't WANT to hear my accusations, at all lol. She even seemed quite fearful of Mr. Baptiste. He really seemed to be above the law: hence his cocky behaviour and harassing me with impunity.

So, is there really an unsavory 'French Connection' with him and the 'higher-up'? Really curious..


Anonymous said...

Forget the Tournament desk. Call the police. Then it's on record. Some parents have been arrested.

fan said...

Oh maybe I should've done that then and there!!! Why haven't I thought of that...I was just too flustered then!

Anonymous said...

If he still bothers you, ask about how to get a restraining order. I don't know anything about that. But it makes sense. The police questioning him would have embarrassed him.

But I'm a peace maker. Let some time pass and avoid him. Blackout his daughter. You don't want this to escalate any further because you don't know what other repercussions might occur. For all you know, he might be a lawyer and he can do other mean things. It's not fair. I would stop bringing this up now so that you don't lose any further sympathy/support. I'm sympathetic but continuing to rant about it will turn the tide of public opinion against you. It also exposes your negative "dangerous" side that they were accusing you to have in the first place. You've not been negative before so be the better person that you are. Stick to the topics which you do so well. Don't let him win and stop you from doing what you want to do freely and safely. I'm really sorry this happened to you. You didn't deserve it.

fan said...

To the first anonymous: I think it'll be too embarrassing for EB if Mr. Baptist should be arrested. Can you imagine the juicy headline 'Sportsmanship award winner Hailey Baptiste's father arrested harassing a fan' ???!! Mr. Kuhle might have to resign as well..haha. A silent ban of him from the tournament should be more, eh...diplomatic, don't you think? :) And I'm generous! Not that I'm ever going to attend EB anyway.

fan said...

To the 2nd anonymous] Well those various incidents hardened me, for sure, from Calabasas to Laguna Niguel to EB. I'm not an angel, and will not just lie down when I get unfairly treated. That's what I learned from those unfortunate incidents. You have to strike back, otherwise they'll attempt it again and again...sad but that's the harsh reality, isn't it. That lunatic should've thought harder before harassing me, but maybe thinking isn't his biggest asset..!!

Anonymous said...

You really need to introduce yourself to each and every Tournament Director at the start. That way, if there are any questions about you, the desk can say you're a legitimate blogger with binoculars and no camera. They can give out your blog address if requested. You'll gain more legitimacy and fans. If the college coaches know you, why not the Tournament Directors?

By the way, Mr. Lorne Kuhle is an honorable elderly man and I'm not sure (just guessing) that he even knows what happened or has read your blog. The older generation do not read blogs. I'm guessing he will only know about this, if at all, from the desk or if the Baptistes have said anything. The B's don't know about your blog or he wouldn't have threatened you in the 1st place. Who knows? They may not even know you're upset. You might be tilting at windmills, sad to say.

fan said...

Wait a minute. Are you implying that this incident is MY fault? That I have something to do with it? This issue is not about a blogger. Even if I was NOT a blogger, EVERY TOURNAMENT GOERS have a right not to get unduly harassed.

I repeat, I was NOT CARRYING A CAMERA!!! And he accused me that I was filming and taking pics of his daughter!! How will you explain this? Can anybody explain this surreal accusation?

It was that guy's responsiblity to ask around, to ascertain, THEN take action. But what did he do? He kicked me at the desk and threatened me. How can you justify this in ANY way??

I never really introduced myself as a blogger during college tournaments. Usually the coaches come to me and ask. WAATC, the same. They know by experience that I'm not some deranged stalker.

I said I've been attending EB since 2012 or something. Did you not see that portion? I've been chatting with the umpires and media representatives for years as well!! So how can it be possibly my fault?!

And again, regardless if I'm a blogger or not, that incident should NOT have happened. Another commenter mentioned about this 'practice', that deranged parents have free rein. THAT is the fundamental problem of this crazy sport, imo.

fan said...

I ask again; if my not introducing myself as a blogger to the tournament director was the problem, why did this incident not happen more often?

This incident was the FIRST after my early foray to the dangerous junior tennis world in 2010 or something(Calabasas and Laguna Niguel). I've been warned by ISC and the National not to film also earlier. When I complied, there was no further problem.

So, why now? After all these years? How will you explain that?

fan said...

And I didn't know that tournament director was a ceremonial job. It's their job to be aware, no? So if any kind of scandal like this happens, become publicized, what do you think will happen then. Maybe only that woman would be held responsible. Maybe not. Either way, Mr. Kuhle awarding that one to Baptiste was the height of black comedy. It doesn't matter whether I'm tilting at windmills or not lol.

fan said...

If you don't answer my question, I'll do. Because most parents are more responsible, adult, thoughtful and prudent. But not this deranged lunatic. And the utter incompetence of the tournament to protect tournament goers from this mad parent. I think that's a fair answer, don't you think.

fan said...

let me kindly explain FURTHER.
I've known Steve Pratt, the media representative, since he snatched my camera to take official tournament pics at Ojai lol(my camera was not good enough lol). That was what, 3/4 years ago?
And senior umpire Marylynn Baker. I've hitched her car back to the parking lot when I stayed till the end, and hence missed the last shuttle, during EB 2011 or 2012, that was when Hibi won I believe , or was Townsend. That was during the 'Rancho Las Palmas era'.

But it doesn't matter, whether I'm hobnobbing with tournament people or am an utter newbie. We all have the same rights not to get unduly harassed. The lunatic broke that rule, and the tournament failed to enforce it. That's the gist.

fan said...

And about 'tilting at the windmill'. This incident didn't happen at a dark alley lol. As I said first encounter happened AT the tournament desk. His taking pic of me was witnessed by G16 doubles players and parents. Many saw it. Dunno if Colette was aware of the incident but she later came by.

College coaches read my blog, how do I know, because they approach me and ask for the blog address? I know it's a paltry number but recently my daily blog page views is over 800. Either way words will get out, truth will out. So we'll see about it.

Anonymous said...

You're over reacting. It's definitely not your fault. All I'm saying is that the other side may not even be aware of your blog comments as they may not read your blog nor bother to check it. Different generation. They use conversation and snail mail. So they may have NO idea how insulted you feel or know of your "demands." So using your blog to yell at them may be "tilting at windmills" because they may truly be unaware of what you're saying. I have no idea but it's a possibility. I'm on your side but just saying that you may want to send them an old fashioned letter.

I don't check your blog 24/7 as I have other non-Internet responsibilities. Good luck. I hope to see you at future Tournaments.

fan said...

I don't have to write a letter or anything. Didn't I mention that there are many witnesses, and my blog is getting decent pageviews? The old fashioned 'Word of mouth' will do the trick. As I said, the truth will out.