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Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Summer Circuit

Last year Mad Pothoff came here to play(Amanda Rebol..Was it last year)

Host SiteDatesTournament DirectorEmail Registration
Week 1

Abilene Christian University (TX)June 23-26John Register
Arizona Christian UniversityJune 24-26Chris Register
Florida State UniversityJune 24-26Jennifer Register
Linfield College (OR)June 23-25Ben Register
University of LouisvilleJune 24-26Meg Register
Northwestern University (IL)June 24-26Jennifer Register
Pomona-Pitzer Colleges (CA) - Pilot June 24-26Steve Register
Swarthmore College (PA)June 24-26Jeremy Register
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas CityJune 23-25Scott Register
Wake Forest University (NC)June 24-26Jeff Register

Week 2

Cal State NorthridgeJuly 1-3James Register
Elon University (NC)July 1-3Elizabeth Register
Middle Tennessee State July 1-3Jimmy Register
University of PennsylvaniaJuly 1-3Ellah Register
University of the Pacific (CA)July 1-3Mike Register
UTyler (TX)Jun 30-Jul 2Joe Register
Western Michigan University - Pilot July 1-3Ryan Register

Week 3

Fullerton College (CA)July 8-10Yolanda Register
Gustavus Adolphus College (MN)July 7-9Jon Register
University of NebraskaJuly 8-10German Register
Purdue University (IN)July 8-11Joe Register
St. Mary's College (CA)July 8-10Greg Register
University of Tennessee - Pilot SiteJuly 8-10Cris Registration Delayed
UDallas (TX) - Pilot Site
July 8-10Bryan Register
Warner University (FL)July 8-10Jose Register
University of WashingtonJuly 8-10Denise Register
Yale University (CT) - Pilot SiteJuly 7-9Brooke Register

Week 4

Claremont Mudd Scripps (CA)July 15-17Dave Register
Notre Dame (IN) - Pilot SiteJuly 15-18Ryan Register
UC Davis (CA) - Pilot SiteJuly 15-17Eric Register
UNC CharlotteJuly 15-17Michaela Register
University of AlabamaJuly 14-16Jenny Register
University of KansasJuly 15-17Todd Register
UT Arlington (TX)July 15-17Diego Register
Wellesley College (MA)July 15-17Brian Register

Week 5

Azusa Pacific University (CA)July 22-24Mark Register
Furman University (SC)July 22-24Adam Register
Michigan State UniversityJuly 22-24Gene Register
Texas Tech UniversityJuly 22-24Todd Register
University of Denver          July 22-24Drew Event Canceled
University of FloridaJuly 22-24Dave Register
University of IowaJuly 22-24Ross Register
Wichita State UniversityJuly 22-24Colin Register

Week 6

Cal State LA Hosted at Whittier NarrowsJuly 29-31Sandy Register
Georgia Gwinnett CollegeJuly 29-31Chase Register
Indiana UniversityJuly 29-31Ramiro Register
Kansas StateJuly 29-31Jordan Register
Metropolitan State-DenverJuly 28-30Daniel Register
Palm Beach Atlantic Univ. (FL)July 29-31Chi Register
Rutgers University (NJ) July 29-31 Hilary Ritchie  Register
Sonoma State (CA)July 29-31Joaquin Register
Texas A&M UniversityJuly 28-31Mark Register

National Summer Championships

Texas Christian University**Aug. 12-15Lee

2017 NCAA 5/29 & June schedule

Could watch from the 2nd set(at first Playsight wasn't working).

Both singles winners served well. Brienne also approached the net.

Nice delayed celebration by Thai, after first shaking hands with Blumberg lol. He played #2 singles?


The more proactive team lost. Certainly better at net(even or especially Mad), but committed too many errors, including Erin's DFs. Net approaches were foiled by OSU's passes.
OSU was more passive but also more solid; Miho eliminated early drive errors, and they also served solidly. Miho's 1st serve was surprisingly good, and underhand serve was solid too. She mostly held methinks?

UA is interesting in that even during 2nd serve they maintain the T formation, fellow player at net crouching at T. Was successful so dunno why they abandoned it later.

Erin attacked Francesca's serve effectively at first. Didn't see much of Francesca's passing during this tournament, at least when I watched. Her angled serve and drive were pretty effective though, methinks.  Her 'outrageous' overhead at the baseline failed haha, nice try though.

UA team led 6-5 at the match TB yet thereafter only won 1 pt(couldn't win both points when Erin served), mostly by errors, mp was also Mad's drive error.

Ma next schedule:

After birding Bob's Gap/Crystalaire to spot that elusive Scott's Oriole, gonna head East: Big Morongo, Salton Sea, Yuma area at Cal/Arizona border.
If I can't fly, at least I can drive lol.

Target species:

Brown-crested Flycatcher at Big Morongo.
Gull-billed Tern & Laughing Gull at Salton Sea.
Black Rail & Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Yuma area(Colorado River).

Aiming for 400 species in California now! Currently 384.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/28

Missed Singles due to birding Peck Park. Wood Duck was a highlight, along with Yellow-breasted Chat. Spotted a little more than 40 species in 2 hrs.

Internet connection wasn't good during Cal. vs OSU, so couldn't watch much. Maegan tried to poach aggressively, hit and miss.

Erin applauded Foster's brilliant deflecting of Mad's attack. Both Tigers dumped an overhead. Foster's serve got attacked. Both 'Bamas served well.

So two Midwesterners in the Final. I've always regarded Brienne highly ever since that Winter National singles match against Dolehide(thought she was actually better of the two watching that match). So not too much surprised.
And as I said before, I thought Francesca was a better doubles player than singles lol, watching her junior matches.

Is Mad the first Arizonan to reach the pinnacle of Div. I tennis? At least recently. I've already mentioned her doubles excellence with Makenna against Black/Neel at the National.

You have to give credit to coach Mainz: this is the 3rd NCAA final her team reached. Of course it wouldn't have been possible without Erin, but still. Pairing Erin with Mad was a logical choice, but still it was her decision. And she did recruit Erin in the first place lol. Also Maya, I didn't even know her before.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Katarina Jokic

Result from ITF

Highest junior ranking 36.

39th City of Florence Florence, Italy 15 Apr - 21 Apr 2014

Singles Grade 2 Entry: DA Surface: Clay (O)
Main Draw
32 W H2H vs CORDOVANI, Elisa (ITA) 6-1 6-0
16 W H2H vs CHINELLATO, Silvia (ITA) 6-3 6-2
QF W H2H vs ARBUTHNOTT, Emily (GBR) 6-3 6-4
SF W H2H vs VONDROUSOVA, Marketa (CZE) 6-3 6-1
FR W H2H vs SCHMIEDLOVA, Kristina (SVK) 7-5 6-0

Doubles Grade 2 Entry: DA Surface: Clay (O)
Main Draw
16 BYE
QF W Partnering ARBUTHNOTT, E (GBR) vs BASIC, M (CRO) /CARREIRA, M (POR) 3-6 6-1 [10-8]
SF W Partnering ARBUTHNOTT, E (GBR) vs HOFER, V (ITA) /TORELLI, B (ITA) 6-3 6-7(6) [10-2]

At Eddie Herr

Dished 3 bagels against Arconada and Kelly Chen, then lost to Galfi 1,0

At Orange Bowl

Got Double bageled against Samir.

3 incoming. Brinson out. Is Perez turning pro. Anyway UGA should be pretty good next season. Since UF suffers major losses with Woolcock and Keegan graduating(but still formidable)...could 'reclaim' SEC top dog position.

More on recent singles slams Elite 8 & Final 4


2016 WAATC

2016 NIIC

2017 NCAA

Di Lorenzo, Carter, Lushkova, Sharma, Campbell, Woolcock twice this season.

3 Gators made it, even without Austin.

Curiously Stefani didn't make it, although she did beat Carter and made Oracle finals.
5 freshmen made it; Shibahara, Chi, Daavettila, Lahey, Perez-Somarriba. When was the last time this happened.

What's incredible about Juricova's 9 Elite 8 appearances is that she only played 10 slams(methinks). She only played NCAA her freshman year. So 9/10 probability lol.

From the West; Shibahara, Ahmed and Lahey. No Stanford and Cal. players made it this season.



2016 WAATC Carter Di Lorenzo Sharma Shibahara

2016 NIIC Di Lorenzo Chi Carter Sharma

2017 NCAA Minor Campbell Perez-Somarriba Woolcock

Di Lorenzo, Carter, Sharma twice this season.

3 Freshmen made it, Shibahara, Chi, Perez-Somarriba
6; Juricova
5; Anderson, Carter
4; Gibbs
3; Mijacika, Dy, Gullickson, Will, Loeb, Wagner, Collins, Di Lorenzo
2; McDowell, Chifchieva, Vallverdu, Mosolova, Barte, Falconi, Embree, Susanyi, Elbaba, Woolcock, Manasse, Austin, Lohan, Sharma
1; Munch-Soegaard, Cohen, Ormond, Cossou, Nze, Johansson, Chan, Sanchez, Cecil, McKenna, Muresan, Broosova, Lesniak, Mather, Tan, Burdette(M), Ellis, Lao, Weatherholt, Guarachi, Cako, Niedermayerova, Oyen, Schutting, Stancu, Tere-Apisah, Scandalis, Santamaria, Herring, Goldfeld, Van Nguyen, Addison, Chi, Eidukonyte, Zhao, Campbell, Kuhlman, Perez, Minor, Stefani, Shibahara, Chi, Perez-Somarriba

2017 NCAA 5/27

Midwesterners today;

Singles Daavettila, Minor
Doubles Austin, Di Lorenzo, Shaffer.


Semis tomorrow;

Cal. vs OSU
LSU vs Auburn

Manasse is the last Californian left. Foster is the last Floridan left.
Interestingly most of the team featured American/Foreigner combo. Only Cal. and Denver were both Americans, I believe.

When did fist bumping became so popular, LSU team also did it lol.
JVC was quite good, and served quite powerfully.
Dawgs were uber-aggressive, nice to see.

Mad was even more impressive today. Not only lobs(against Slattery's good overheads), played really sharply overall, passing, etc. Again served solidly. She's the last freshman left in the doubles draw.
Erin again had a chance to serve out the match, and although again committing a DF lol, this time managed to do it without too much fuss.
What a year for Denver, congrats.

Why tall girls have advantage in doubles; Maya's high poaches at net. Just watched the 1st set.
Maya and Erin are aiming for the recently? unprecedented 3 wins at NCAA, this time not even playing together lol.


Semis tomorrow

Minor vs Campbell
Perez-Somarriba vs Woolcock

Women is rather balanced in American/Foreigner ratio.
Men seems rather skewed toward Foreigners. So many foreign-sounding names. In that sense the Nativists' outrage is understandable I guess. Unless you're not very good your son is not getting (partial) scholarships in elite tennis schools..even if you get it, many guys who actually play the slams are foreigners.

Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/26


Yesterday I saw the coolest thing ever. Kennedy hugged with both Jess and Haley after the win. How cool is that? :)

Today both UGA and NU teams fist-bumped, that was interesting lol. Kennedy was quite good at net, incidentally.

Paige at match TB threw the racquet in disgust after DFing, she was quite passionate! The most famous New Zealander in Div. I tennis?! She's only a Junior? Then did she win her slam in her Freshman year with Woodard? Wow.
As expected, marquee match. GT were real aggressive, and powerful. Mad lobbed well, and was pretty solid overall; key was her serve, didn't falter, while senior Erin DFed when she had a chance to serve out the match..haha. I'd say both freshmen played well. Maybe GT team committed a tad more errors, that's all. Erin could nail sharp dtl drives quite deceptively.

Pairone was quite good, actually. Shannon didn't play well, responses were rather weak so got pounced.

Quite a resistance from the NCSU team against 3-time slam winners Jansen/Manasse. With their loss, along with GT, ACC teams were wiped out.

Gamecocks were as usual aggressive, attacking Adachi's serve, so didn't watch the 2nd set; dunno what happened, too bad?

Taylor didn't play too well today, volley attacks were kinda weak but OSU returned those well though. Alizee played quite well, nice defense and all.

Couldn't really watch TAMU vs LSU what with other matches going on, too bad.

Denver continuing to make history. And the coaches weren't awarded the Coach of the Year; scandalous!

Staggered doubles Quarterfinals time, good.



Was real impressed with Jess Livianu; so powerful! No wonder she defeated Luisa. How did she lose I have no idea, only watched some of the 1st set.

Sydney must be laughing now; one of the frontrunners to win it all and didn't make the NCAA All Tournament team :(

Minor's road has been full of thorns lol; had to beat Lohan, Talaba then Ahmed, quite a feat.

Sara despite her unstable serve, too good, too powerful. Even without Austin competing, her and Brienne are representing the Midwest quite nicely. They meet each other tomorrow.

Ashley, no less impressive; defeated Neel, Lewis then Shankle. The only player from the West left! So. Cal represent!

New Jersey has produced some elite players like Ahn and Anderson, and lots of elite juniors are from that region as well, like the Hand sisters and Noel. Count Fahey on the list now, she played #1 singles, even above Minor, this season.

Mia was more powerful and gutsy but EPS was sharp enough; the more solid player won. Mia's drop shot was once punished.

Updated recent Slams singles Final 8 record

Bolded ongoing:

9; Juricova
6; Anderson, Carter
5; Loeb
4; Mijacika, McDowell, Vallverdu, Mosolova, Cossou, Barte, Gullickson, DyWill, Gibbs, Capra, Herring, Elbaba, Collins / Woolcock
3; Chifchieva, Falconi, Sanchez, Secerbegovic, Lesniak, Embree, Santamaria, Van Nguyen, Wagner / Manasse, Lushkova, Campbell / Austin, Lohan / Di Lorenzo
2; Broosova, Chan, Muresan, Niedermayerova, Boren, Susanyi, Ahn, Chi, Addison/ Zhao, Lee / Sharma, Kuhlman
1; Burdette, Ormond, Nze, Johansson, Munch-Soegaard, Marand, Boonstra, Cohen, Cecil, McKenna, Petukhova, Burdette(L), Whoriskey, Eichkorn, Andersson, Zsilinszka, Frilling, Mather, Bartenstein,  Burdette(M) Ellis, Tan , Cako,  Lao, Suarez-Malaguti, Weatherholt, GuarachiSanchez-QuintanarMar, Macfarlane, Kowase, Schutting, Jullien, Oyen, Stancu, Tere-Apisah, Koroleva, Beazant, Scandalis, Bektas, Goldfeld, Hardebeck, Altick, McPhillips, Garcia, Nauta, Yurovsky, Brady, Eidukonyte / Adamovic, Doyle, Davidson, Shankle / Perez, , Shaffer, Ahmed  / Stefani, Danilina, Minor, Fahey / Shibahara, Chi, Daavettila, Lahey, Perez-Somarriba

Woolcock made the Elite 8, 4 times. Among the Greats now. 
Campbell follows with 3 times.
6 Others, all their first lol. And 3 of them are freshmen; Daavettila, Lahey, Perez-Somarriba.

3 Foreigners

All will likely play singles #1 next season;


Austin might not play #1 because Danilina is playing well. She's a very good server(quite tall), and hits sharp enough.

Popovic. Who else will play #1 for Cal. next season.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Christina Rosca as a Gator killer?

VU suffered a disappointing loss to UF(coach Mac 'complaining' that they were near invincible in Outdoors..! But doesn't UF hate indoors), but not without a good omen;
Freshmen Rosca.

Defeated Austin 64, 57, 64 in SEC championship,
and defeated Neel 5,4 in NCAA.

Surely that's a very impressive performance.

Kurtz also did well, and with Meyer incoming(and Dvorak isn't a bad player either, wonder if she recovered from injury)..really not bad. Just recruited Caro Campana, another good hitter from No. Cal.

2017 NCAA 5/25

Was very impressed with the GT team. Not only Paige, NIIC winner with Woodard, Kenya was in fact very sharp as well. Drove so low. They're the team of the day for me.

Feild #2 camera froze later in the day so missed UA team's rout of Stanford. And the #4 cam at the other court didn't work at all.

Slattery, so good. Patient and sharp as hell at net.
All 3 freshmen won today, whom I said I would keep an eye on; Rogers, Russo and Pothoff. Why was Taylor R. in such a good mood I have no idea haha.
Ellen again just committed too many errors; not only drives, tried too hard at net; should've trusted Caro to do the work.
Kat once shouted in agony after an error; MICH team was probably overpowered in drive rally.
Sharma also withdrew in doubles, did she sustain an injury during the Team tournament?

Watched a bit of Petra vs Anna, wouldn't say Petra was overpowered, but sank tons.

So singles rd of 16;

Ahmed vs Minor
Daavettila vs Popovic
Shibahara vs Campbell
Shankle vs Lahey

Livianu vs Fahey
Horvit vs Perez-Somarriba
JVC vs Woolcock
Perez vs Danilina

Pepperdine and Florida leads with 2 players each; I said they'll again vie for the championship next season. Many players from the West, all in the upper half lol.
7 foreigners among 16 players.
6 Freshmen are still alive, and one is guaranteed Quarterfinalist; Horvit vs EPS winner.
Midwest is still represented, by two players; Minor and Fahey. F upset Lushkova today, dunno if L was injured; did she retire. Didn't watch so dunno. Hudson really played well it seemed, had a tight score against Campbell. Nobody does the 'leg-thru' better than her lol, I'll miss those 'performances'!



Arkansas vs Florida
NCSU vs Cal.
OSU vs Auburn

GT vs Alabama
Denver vs Kansas

9 of 16 teams are from SEC. Baylor is not playing? Marquee match is of course GT vs Alabama. Hourigan and Routliffe between them have won 3 slams. Intact slam winners are Florida and UK. Top half seems tough, what with 6 slam winners lol, and other good teams.
Funny that Kansas is the last Big 12 team standing lol, upset #2 seed MSU team.
Only 2 ACC teams, GT and NCSU.
Midwest is represented by OSU and NU.
Only one Pac 12 team lol, Cal., plus nearby DENVER! :)

Although Di Lorenzo lost to Ahmed, she could still aim for an elusive honor; winning both categories. Only the very few achieved it; recently, Falconi/McDowell, Barte, Juricova, Will, Anderson, Gibbs(4 of them are from Pac 12!). That's all, mere 7 players in a decade.
As usual would like a new champion to emerge, but we'll see.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Under the shadow of the Two Towers

Stanford massive recruiting.
Could've achieved 4-peat from 2010 had Ahn not been injured.

Florida massive recruiting. So won 2011-2, then could've achieved 4-peat from 2015.

UCLA had comparable recruiting that led to them winning 2014. Honorable mention to UNC and UVA.

In sum: So fucking boring, but I guess less so then men lol.

We have a new singles slam champion

Thanks to Ahmed lol.
The Waves made headlines today, Lahey beating Neel  again, and Stefani losing to Livianu.
Danilina defeated Carter. As I said, Florida and Pepperdine will again contend for the Championship next season. Not for two OSU teams, they had their chances but both lost to Stanford, a tragedy :(

Birded all day so couldn't really watch. Lazaro seemed pretty good.

Did 9 freshmen advance? Is this a record or what.

Livianu, Melounova, Perez-Somarriba, Shibahara, Lahey, Chi, Daavettila, Lewis, Horvit: #NextGen!

2017 Team NCAA All-Tournament Team

Doubles all Gators lol.


Why is it all Cards and Gators, me no likee.

1 Woolcock; I would also recommend Talaba
2 Lord; Methinks Campbell is a better choice, won all 3 matches, defeating Popovic, Lahey and Kuhlman. Only lost 1 set to Lahey
3 Davidson; lost to Neel? I would recommend Bolsova. She defeated Neel in 2. Well Rosca also defeated Neel in 2..haha.
4 Danilina; how about Kowase. Won all 3 matches, only losing 1 set to Lampl.
5 Arbuthnott; not Austin??!!
6 Keegan

Woolcock won MVP but I would've awarded to Keegan.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

On 2017 NCAA Team Final

Couldn't see the match.

Now that Florida won, can Austin go back to playing #1?

Keegan double bageling Higuchi must be one of the wackiest scores this tournament. There were quite a few, but this tops it all. Comparable to Arbuthnott/Davidson routing Aney/Carter.
She should be MVP.

Singles starts tomorrow but Mountain Plover was discovered today at Piute...!  Let's hope it doesn't wash out again at Athens!

2017 ITA awards

From zootennis:


Wilson/ITA Coach of the Year: Melissa Schaub, Ohio State
ITA Assistant Coach of the Year: Courtney Nagle, North Carolina
ITA Most Improved Player (Senior): Blair Shankle, Baylor
ITA Senior Player of the Year: Hayley Carter, North Carolina
ITA Rookie of the Year: Ena Shibahara, UCLA
ITA Player to Watch: Astra Sharma, Vanderbilt
ITA/Arthur Ashe Leadership and Sportsmanship Award: Monica Robinson, Notre Dame
ITA/Cissie Leary Award for Sportsmanship: Aslina Chua, Michigan State
ITA Community Service Award (tie): Tennessee & East Carolina

ITA fucked it up yet again. As I feared: Carter received it when Slattery was the more deserving winner.

I would've nominated Denver/Oregon/GT coaches instead as well.

Is MIP restricted to seniors? Why, because of Senioritis? How about Popovic and Failla. They've played 1/2 Singles this year.

Player to watch, why Sharma? She's already one of the best since her MVP season. Redundant as fuck. How about Talaba, Kylie Wilcox, Madison Harrison and Mariana Humberg.
Remember ITA named Austin as the Player to Watch last year? I was critical of the decision then. And look how that turned out.

They should also publish the candidates, like those film awards. Seems more interesting and fair, no.

Preseason singles top 22 & NCAA

My post:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

2016-17 singles rankings] Defensive trend?

Ranking from ITA;

Oracle ITA Division I Women's National Singles Rankings
Administered by the ITA
Sept. 13, 2016 (Edited 9/13 @ 3:30 pm PT)
1Hayley CarterNorth Carolina
2Luisa StefaniPepperdine
3Francesca Di LorenzoOhio State
4Ellen PerezGeorgia
5Sinead LohanMiami (FL)
6Brooke AustinFlorida
7Maegan ManasseCalifornia
8Jasmine LeeMississippi State
9Belinda WoolcockFlorida
10Katarina AdamovicOklahoma State
11Brienne MinorMichigan
12Sydney CampbellVanderbilt
13Andie DikosavljevicAuburn
14Kennedy ShafferGeorgia
15Saska GavrilovskaTexas A&M
16Joana Vale CostaLSU
17Arianne HartonoOle Miss
18Erin RoutliffeAlabama
19Astra SharmaVanderbilt
20Johnnise RenaudGeorgia Tech
21Caroline BrinsonGeorgia
22Taylor DavidsonStanford

So many good defenders/movers. 4 of top 5 are reknown for their excellent defensive and counterpunching abilities. 3 from this list are sophomores/in their 2nd seasons; Stefani, Di Lorenzo and Minor(Aney follows at 31, Ogando 32, Daniell 33, McCarthy 34, Hammond 35, Golovin 38, Fahey 41, Danilina 43, Shkudun 44..).

Only 3 Pac 12 players are from the top 50(Doyle is at #52, Starr, #62), Manasse, Davidson and Marker. Queen of the West is Stefani, ranked #2(fellow teammate Ahmed is ranked #48).
Austin(6), Gavrilovska(15) and Brinson(21) are the only ones who didn't make NCAA singles.

NCAA should be played at the West Coast

Why not put it permanently at sunny IW :p

I mean, Illinois, now Georgia, it was a veritable NTI; what's the difference between NTI and those NCAAs, I have no idea.

Nona. That's Florida, so rain is to be expected, eh?

Indoor requirements? Why is it required at sunny California; Stanford 2011 NCAA had some rain delays but it wasn't as extreme like Georgia right now.

The problem especially for So. Cal college teams is infrastructure; they just don't have courts like TAMU, at which you could watch two college matches pretty much simultaneously; those courts were placed on the opposite sides, very convenient. But I've experienced those insane weathers there as well lol, sudden torrential downpours and such, during the 2009 NCAA(why didn't I BIRD then, sigh..found out the joy of birding too late! But better late than never I guess, have to again thank the idiotic ITA for killing doubles lol, that motivated me to seek another hobby!).

That's why IWTG is an ideal solution. Sure it'll be hot, but it's better than RAINING ALL DAY, EVERY DAY lol.

I'm not promoting IWTG only because I can drive there in 1.5 hours..haha.

What say you?

2017 NCAA Individual draws out

Nice screenshot by collegetennistoday.


Singles, will concentrate on Melounova. Maltby as well.

Lohan vs Minor should be good.

Wonder how Livianu will fare against Stefani.

Aney vs Fahey, could be good betweeon those -eys lol.

Tough luck for Miyazaki, plays JVC.

Lord vs Renaud could be good, both are de facto aces despite not playing #1. Best hitter in their respective teams.

Failla has been hot lately, even playing #1(her instead of Xepoleas; something is/was seriously wrong with USC lol) and winning. Heard she's tranferring to OSU. We'll see how she does this tournament.

Popovic ended a good campaign with a loss. Adamovic in similar fashion. And they meet each other in the first round.

Tough 1st rd match for Ena; Bhosale has been playing very well this season.

Lahey vs Neel, rematch; Lahey won at Pepperdine.

Danilina vs Carter could be interesting.I


Now for far more interesting Doubles;

I'll watch those rookies, like Rogers, Russo and Pothoff.

Ahmed/Maddox vs Frantova/Rogers should be good.I


Adachi/Sutjiadi vs McAdoo/Renaud could be good as well.
Now that 2nd quarter is HELL;

The winner between them will face Berg/Cline vs Hart/Shibahara, which is an another marquee match incidentally.

The lower half;
Brinson/Perez vs Di Lorenzo/Kowase
Michaud/Russo vs Bashota/Garrido-Rivas
All mouth-watering matchups. I won't be surprised if the eventual winner emerges from this quarter.I


Another marquee match in the 4th quarter;

Danilina/Neel vs Hourigan/Jones

This GT team has excelled lately, and I haven't watched this Gator team this tournament.

Arbuthnott/Davidson vs Pothoff/Routliffe could be good, I'll give P/R the advantage but we'll see.

What a season it has been for Slattery; she should be the senior player of the year, not Carter. There's a thing called 'expectations'. Nobody expected Denver and Slattery to do this well, eh? Carter crashed in doubles aginst Stanford yesterday, so...
Hope ITA won't fuck this up :p

2017 NCAA semis 5/23 and final preview

Concentrated on ma favorite Emma Kurtz since she isn't playing Individual.

Doubles, VU wasn't overpowered, but committed too many drive errors during rallies. Were they pressured? Maybe, but still felt those errors were manageable. But Emma later flew at net, poaching very well so could have a tight match.

Singles, again reaffirmed my 'preference' for Emma lol. Just moves so well for her size! Passed verra well. Could definitely attack. Battle of the equels, against former Junior. #3 in the world Danilina, no less. But again, her countless drive errors sinking to the net. Only watched the 2nd set.

Sharma lost both matches, and they're #1 seed in the doubles tournament albeit their very poor performance this tournament. Singles loss was even more shocking. Woolcock really is stepping up.
Campbell was again in a beast mode, it seems. Maybe she should've stayed at, but Sharma did beat Stefani in 2 in the Quarterfinals.
Rosca's win against Neel was shocking, didn't expect that.
So I guess doubles really mattered here.

OSU were very lucky to have played Indoors this tournament, and they should've utilized it; failed. Singles #5 and 6, I said their depth would be a problem. Arbuthnott is playing well, it seems. Higuchi at #6 is like Xepoleas; I wonder if Stanford and Florida 'applied' USC's tactic. Like Austin at #5, you know?

Doyle #1? Eh...I did say she was a sacrificial lamb. Again, Stanford's stacking worked to their advantage. Because Lord and Davidson won lol.
Saw the match point on collegetennistoday, and do they really want to broadcast that?
How is moonballing and pushing going to promote college tennis? And that match was singles #3, not #5 or 6.
Really that promotion as a reason is a blatant lie lol, a niche sport like tennis won't dent the popularity of team sports.
Sanford seems to have played well, winning a set from Lord. I guess Santis did too, but did she crumble, wasn't she a game from winning the match.


Florida has advantage in the final. For sure they'll win the doubles point, and since Woolcock is playing so well, that's another automatic win. Higuchi possibly, but Keegan has defeated Stefani at WAATC, so we'll see. If K's serve is clicking she might hold all the way(she held in doubles yesterday).

Lord position is an automatic win for the Card.
It might again boil down to the lower positions;

Danilina vs Lampl
Austin vs Arbuthnott
Keegan vs Higuchi

I'd say Florida has an advantage, but we'll see how Arbuthnott fares against Austin.

Monday, May 22, 2017

NCAA = NTI ???!!!

Joke post.

IW will be the new (individual) NCAA...!

Why, because of Rain lol.

Illinois, now Georgia NCAA...has become a virtual NTI. Just like women SEC and Big 12 championship this year!

What will happen at Nona, I fear. Do they have enough indoor courts? Lol.

Foreigners galore at singles #1

Sharma, Stefani, Lushkova/Adamovic, Talaba, Perez, Woolcock, Dikosavljevic/Michaud, Gamarra Martins, Lohan/Perez-Somarriba, Zhao last season for Stanford...

really what will we do without them, especially since many top American juniors turn pro lol. Without them the level of Div. I will be significantly lessened, for sure.

The most anticipated book of the year

by Jon L. Dunn and Jonathan Alderfer

Do they have an (Bald) Eagle fetish or what. Every time lol. Naturally will buy it, can't wait.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/21

Got sick of the frequent starting time change so belatedly went birding to Playa del Rey/Ballona area.
Failed to spot the target species, Least Tern and Wandering Tattler. Virtually no shorebirds either. It's the time of the Tern; Royal, Forster's..breeding season for many species as well, you see those chicks everywhere, Mallards and Pie-billed Grebes, etc. Did I mention that I spotted a Rose-breasted Grosbeak mom feeding its chick right in front of me at Kennesaw Mountain lol.

That Eastern trips triggered my wanderlust; wanna bird Northeast for seabird watching/Pelagic trip, Pacific Northwest shore for the same, SE Arizona, Texas, Midwest for warblers, Northern Prairie areas for various passerines like Sparrows and Longspurs, Florida, even that bug-infested hell hole NJ Bayshore area for shorebirds!..
But since I can't afford to pay for those trips now, I've been buying some birding books instead, for armchair birding!;

Garrett, Kimball

Behrens, Ken

Pieplow, Nathan

Cooper, Jerry A.

American Bird Conservancy

O'Brien, Michael

So missed all the matches and when I came back and tried, videos didn't work, so didn't really bother checking the scores.

Just checked the scores later from Zootennis;

I was rooting for a new champ, but 3/4 have won before lol. Does this mean that I'm rooting for OSU.  All my 'favorite' teams lost today, Tech, Oklahoma St. and Pepperdine, so I'm no longer interested.
Waiting for the Doubles championship to start.

Some very whacky scores this team tournament. Quite surprising, really.

And you know what, all those wins...mostly came from the bottom positions: depth really matters, and that's why recruiting powerhouses Stanford and Florida will continue to excel. Boring, really. I mean they win everything..haha.

#6 STANFORD (25-2) 4, #4 NORTH CAROLINA (33-3) 2

1. #39 Emily Arbuthnott/Taylor Davidson (STANFORD) def. #4 Jessie Aney/Hayley Carter (NORTH CAROLINA), 6-1

Probably the biggest upset this tournament. At least KK/Sabs made it to a tiebreak; look at this massacre.  As I said, impossible to beat Stanford when you lose the doubles point to them. But UNC has lost the doubles point to FSU during ACC tournament. Maybe not that much of a surprise, but certainly THIS result is, at #1.

2. #46 Caroline Doyle/Melissa Lord (STANFORD) def. Cassandra Vazquez/Alexa Graham (NORTH CAROLIINA), 6-1
3. Sara Daavettila/Makenna Jones (NORTH CAROLINA) vs. Emma Higuchi/Caroline Lampl (STANFORD), 5-1, DNF

1. #2 Hayley Carter (NORTH CAROLINA) def. #38 Caroline Doyle (STANFORD), 6-1, 6-0

2. #28 Melissa Lord (STANFORD) def. #18 Sara Daavettila (NORTH CAROLINA), 6-4, 4-6, 6-1

Dunno how it went, so can't comment. Wonder if Sara's serve was good. This match was pretty even on paper anyway.

3. #54 Taylor Davidson (STANFORD) def. #35 Jessie Aney (NORTH CAROLINA), 6-2, 7-5

Third time Aney has lost in a critical team match; Nauta(NCAA), Neel(NIIC) and now to Davidson; couldn't even win a set.
So, is Aney playing ABOVE her ability? Could be, since she's not a big hitter.  Can she win at #4? Who knows.
Anyway Stanford wins 2/3 of upper positions. And those UNC trio started the season so well, Aney ranked at #9 or something.

4. #74 Alexa Graham (NORTH CAROLINA) def. #90 Caroline Lampl (STANFORD), 5-7, 6-2, 7-5

5. Emily Arbuthnott (STANFORD) def. #100 Makenna Jones (NORTH CAROLINA), 4-6, 6-4, 6-2

Not really an upset, although Jones is ranked and A is not.

6. Chloe Ouellet-Pizer (NORTH CAROLINA) vs. #71 Emma Higuchi (STANFORD), 7-6(3), 2-6

That's quite an effort by COP, winning the 1st set.

Doubles (1,2) Singles (1,3,2,4,5)

#2 OHIO STATE (32-2) 4, #7 TEXAS TECH (27-4) 0

Probably playing Indoors helped OSU?

1. #18 Francesca Di Lorenzo/Miho Kowase (OHIO STATE) vs. #26 Sarah Dvorak/Sabrina Federici (TEXAS TECH), 4-4, DNF
2. Sandy Niehaus/Anna Sanford (OHIO STATE) def. #69 Felicity Maltby/Gabriela Talaba (TEXAS TECH), 6-4
3. Gabriella De Santis/Ferny Angeles Paz (OHIO STATE) def. Alex Valenstein/Alba Cortina-Pou (TEXAS TECH), 6-2

1. #1 Francesca Di Lorenzo (OHIO STATE) vs. #9 Gabriela Talaba (TEXAS TECH), 4-6, 4-2, DNF

Talaba really has excelled this season.

2. #67 Anna Sanford (OHIO STATE) def. #58 Felicity Maltby (TEXAS TECH), 7-6(5), 6-4

Rather disappointing result by Maltby after clinching the match against OSU at the Big 12 final defeating Adamovic, who also crashed today against Kuhlman.

3. #95 Gabriella De Santis (OHIO STATE) vs. Alex Valenstein (TEXAS TECH), 6-7(2), 2-0, DNF
4. #91 Miho Kowase (OHIO STATE) def. Sabrina Federici (TEXAS TECH), 6-4, 6-1
5. #112 Sandy Niehaus (OHIO STATE) vs. Sarah Dvorak (TEXAS TECH), 3-6, 5-5, DNF

6. Ferny Angeles Paz (OHIO STATE) def. Katelyn Jackson (TEXAS TECH), 6-2, 6-2

Another very surprising rout. I thought KJ actually had a good chance here. OSU won 2/3 from the bottom half.
Paz and Sanford should be the players of the day, won both.

Doubles (2,3) Singles (6,4,2)

#1 FLORIDA (27-3) 4, #9 OKLAHOMA STATE (25-6) 1

1. #11 Anna Danilina/Ingrid Neel (FLORIDA) vs. #13 Vladica Babic/Carla Tur Mari (OKLAHOMA STATE), 5-6, DNF
2. #20 Brooke Austin/Kourtney Keegan (FLORIDA) def. #48 Aliona Bolsova/Katie Stresnakova (OKLAHOMA STATE), 6-2
3. #45 Josie Kuhlman/Belinda Woolcock (FLORIDA) def. #70 Katarina Adamovic/Viktoriya Lushkova (OKLAHOMA STATE), 6-4

Thought OSU could win the doubles, but when the reigning NCAA champ plays #2..tough.

1. #6 Belinda Woolcock (FLORIDA) vs. #8 Viktoriya Lushkova (OKLAHOMA STATE), 2-6, 5-2, DNF

Quite an effort by Woolcock. Is she really the best player among the Gators? Who knows but she certainly put up an effort today, it seems.

2. #23 Josie Kuhlman (FLORIDA) def. Katarina Adamovic (OKLAHOMA STATE), 6-1, 6-1

Both rather struggled this season so this rout is surprising.

3. #73 Aliona Bolsova (OKLAHOMA STATE) def. #31 Ingrid Neel (FLORIDA), 7-5, 6-3
4. #44 Anna Danilina (FLORIDA) def. #63 Vladica Babic (OKLAHOMA STATE), 6-4, 6-4

Bolsova will no doubt play top position next season. Babic again failed to win a critical match.

5. Brooke Austin (FLORIDA) def. Katarina Stresnakova (OKLAHOMA STATE), 6-2, 6-3

I mean no doubt Austin will win this match lol.

6. #59 Kourtney Keegan (FLORIDA) vs. Lena Ruppert (OKLAHOMA STATE), 6-2, 5-7, DNF

Quite an effort by Ruppert, but again OSU loses at the lower positions, just like their NCAA final match against Stanford last season. 
I thought Blanco would do quite well, dunno why she wasn't starting(she really harassed Stefani at Freeman), is she injured or what.

Doubles (2,3) Singles (5,2,3,4)

#3 VANDERBILT (24-5) 4, #12 PEPPERDINE (24-5) 2

1. #8 Christine Maddox/Mayar Sherif Ahmed (PEPPERDINE) def. #1 Astra Sharma/Emily Smith (VANDERBILT), 6-2
2. Sydney Campbell/Emma Kurtz (VANDERBILT) def. #53 Luisa Stefani/Jean Runglerdkriangkrai (PEPPERDINE), 6-2
3. Ashley Lahey/Dzina Milovanovic (PEPPERDINE) def. Christina Rosca/Fernanda Contreras (VANDERBILT), 6-3

Quite a win by Pepperdine. Maddox again delivers, at #1 no less. L/M won a critical match at #3.
So naturally Pepperdine would've had a great chance, yet..

1. #4 Astra Sharma (VANDERBILT) def. #14 Luisa Stefani (PEPPERDINE), 6-4, 6-4

Astra wins the Ace duel.

2. #15 Sydney Campbell (VANDERBILT) def. #19 Ashley Lahey (PEPPERDINE), 4-6, 6-4, 6-0

Campbell has been a beast playing #2 this season, maybe that's her proper position.

3. #37 Mayar Sherif Ahmed (PEPPERDINE) def. #102 Christina Rosca (VANDERBILT), 6-2, 6-2
4. Emma Kurtz (VANDERBILT) vs. #97 Laura Gulbe (PEPPERDINE), 4-6, 5-6, DNF
5. Georgina Sellyn (VANDERBILT) def. Jean Runglerdkriangkrai (PEPPERDINE), 6-3, 3-6, 6-3
6. Fernanda Contreras (VANDERBILT) def. Dzina Milovanovic (PEPPERDINE), 6-0, 6-2

You can see that Pepperdine certainly had a chance to win. Jean R and especially Milovanovic crashing so easily was quite unexpected. I thought M would win easily actually, considering her firepower. Both Jean and Dzina were bigger and more aggressive hitters yet lost. Rather disappointing.

Doubles (1,2,3) Singles (6,3,1,5,2)