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Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/19

Did KM hug with Makenna? The Fellowship of the Ring(Fed Cup)? :)

Impressed with Alex Najarian's expert racquet flipping/twirling lol, could be a good cast for a burger/pizza TV commercial..haha.
Indiscriminate net approaches were foiled by Taylor's passes though.

Alex vs Taylor: battle of the Long Towels! Nice manner by Alex to wait for Taylor to shake hands before joining the celebration. :)

Oh Denise..did she throw her wristband too? And where did she go after the mp, walked directly to the wall..was she crying.
Nice handshake between Olivia and Emma 'long' after the mp lol.

What was that 3rd set between Luisa and Ellen, a break-fest? For Luisa that's especially bad, since she's a damn good server. Long points naturally did not favor Ellen. And once Luisa finally held, that was it. Again held later to clinch the match.

Incidentally heroines of the match against Stanford, Laura and Mayar, were routed. Especially surpising was Laura getting overpowered by Caro, doesn't make sense; was she injured or what.
Dzina was the bigger hitter yet Mariana also attacked well, including service returns.
I thought Ashley's condition was bad, losing to Failla recently in 2 sets, but won surprisingly easy by the score against Eleni.
Jean R did well 2 matches in a row,clinching against UCLA and now winning #5 singles.
Guess that doubles points was huge, the Waves winning the top 2.
What was that weird ceremony between coach Nilsson and the players after the matches were concluded..did he watch too much NBA or what lol.

Katie poached/volleyed quite well. Nice poaching combo with Aliona. But GTs poached well too. Aliona 'fixed' her fair mid-match but didn't work lol.
What is that shutout score at #1. Was Carla's serve again attacked like the Conference Final.

Saska..! Sassy as hell; those drives and volleys! Stefania saved 2 MPs serving..!

Have to watch NBA now, glimpsed at the 'small' Kindle Firr HD8 screen all day long.

Can't wait to bird with expert hawkwatcher(and he spotted a Le Conte's Sparrow not to long ago at Castaic Lake. He was a guest speaker at the 'Biggest Week in American Birding' last week!) Luke Tiller at Piute Ponds tomorrow! From 7am..hope to spot that Black Tern and Franklin's Gull. Maybe some more vagrant surprises? Here's to hope.

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