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Thursday, May 25, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/25

Was very impressed with the GT team. Not only Paige, NIIC winner with Woodard, Kenya was in fact very sharp as well. Drove so low. They're the team of the day for me.

Feild #2 camera froze later in the day so missed UA team's rout of Stanford. And the #4 cam at the other court didn't work at all.

Slattery, so good. Patient and sharp as hell at net.
All 3 freshmen won today, whom I said I would keep an eye on; Rogers, Russo and Pothoff. Why was Taylor R. in such a good mood I have no idea haha.
Ellen again just committed too many errors; not only drives, tried too hard at net; should've trusted Caro to do the work.
Kat once shouted in agony after an error; MICH team was probably overpowered in drive rally.
Sharma also withdrew in doubles, did she sustain an injury during the Team tournament?

Watched a bit of Petra vs Anna, wouldn't say Petra was overpowered, but sank tons.

So singles rd of 16;

Ahmed vs Minor
Daavettila vs Popovic
Shibahara vs Campbell
Shankle vs Lahey

Livianu vs Fahey
Horvit vs Perez-Somarriba
JVC vs Woolcock
Perez vs Danilina

Pepperdine and Florida leads with 2 players each; I said they'll again vie for the championship next season. Many players from the West, all in the upper half lol.
7 foreigners among 16 players.
6 Freshmen are still alive, and one is guaranteed Quarterfinalist; Horvit vs EPS winner.
Midwest is still represented, by two players; Minor and Fahey. F upset Lushkova today, dunno if L was injured; did she retire. Didn't watch so dunno. Hudson really played well it seemed, had a tight score against Campbell. Nobody does the 'leg-thru' better than her lol, I'll miss those 'performances'!



Arkansas vs Florida
NCSU vs Cal.
OSU vs Auburn

GT vs Alabama
Denver vs Kansas

9 of 16 teams are from SEC. Baylor is not playing? Marquee match is of course GT vs Alabama. Hourigan and Routliffe between them have won 3 slams. Intact slam winners are Florida and UK. Top half seems tough, what with 6 slam winners lol, and other good teams.
Funny that Kansas is the last Big 12 team standing lol, upset #2 seed MSU team.
Only 2 ACC teams, GT and NCSU.
Midwest is represented by OSU and NU.
Only one Pac 12 team lol, Cal., plus nearby DENVER! :)

Although Di Lorenzo lost to Ahmed, she could still aim for an elusive honor; winning both categories. Only the very few achieved it; recently, Falconi/McDowell, Barte, Juricova, Will, Anderson, Gibbs(4 of them are from Pac 12!). That's all, mere 7 players in a decade.
As usual would like a new champion to emerge, but we'll see.

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