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Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/26


Yesterday I saw the coolest thing ever. Kennedy hugged with both Jess and Haley after the win. How cool is that? :)

Today both UGA and NU teams fist-bumped, that was interesting lol. Kennedy was quite good at net, incidentally.

Paige at match TB threw the racquet in disgust after DFing, she was quite passionate! The most famous New Zealander in Div. I tennis?! She's only a Junior? Then did she win her slam in her Freshman year with Woodard? Wow.
As expected, marquee match. GT were real aggressive, and powerful. Mad lobbed well, and was pretty solid overall; key was her serve, didn't falter, while senior Erin DFed when she had a chance to serve out the match..haha. I'd say both freshmen played well. Maybe GT team committed a tad more errors, that's all. Erin could nail sharp dtl drives quite deceptively.

Pairone was quite good, actually. Shannon didn't play well, responses were rather weak so got pounced.

Quite a resistance from the NCSU team against 3-time slam winners Jansen/Manasse. With their loss, along with GT, ACC teams were wiped out.

Gamecocks were as usual aggressive, attacking Adachi's serve, so didn't watch the 2nd set; dunno what happened, too bad?

Taylor didn't play too well today, volley attacks were kinda weak but OSU returned those well though. Alizee played quite well, nice defense and all.

Couldn't really watch TAMU vs LSU what with other matches going on, too bad.

Denver continuing to make history. And the coaches weren't awarded the Coach of the Year; scandalous!

Staggered doubles Quarterfinals time, good.



Was real impressed with Jess Livianu; so powerful! No wonder she defeated Luisa. How did she lose I have no idea, only watched some of the 1st set.

Sydney must be laughing now; one of the frontrunners to win it all and didn't make the NCAA All Tournament team :(

Minor's road has been full of thorns lol; had to beat Lohan, Talaba then Ahmed, quite a feat.

Sara despite her unstable serve, too good, too powerful. Even without Austin competing, her and Brienne are representing the Midwest quite nicely. They meet each other tomorrow.

Ashley, no less impressive; defeated Neel, Lewis then Shankle. The only player from the West left! So. Cal represent!

New Jersey has produced some elite players like Ahn and Anderson, and lots of elite juniors are from that region as well, like the Hand sisters and Noel. Count Fahey on the list now, she played #1 singles, even above Minor, this season.

Mia was more powerful and gutsy but EPS was sharp enough; the more solid player won. Mia's drop shot was once punished.

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