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Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/27

Midwesterners today;

Singles Daavettila, Minor
Doubles Austin, Di Lorenzo, Shaffer.


Semis tomorrow;

Cal. vs OSU
LSU vs Auburn

Manasse is the last Californian left. Foster is the last Floridan left.
Interestingly most of the team featured American/Foreigner combo. Only Cal. and Denver were both Americans, I believe.

When did fist bumping became so popular, LSU team also did it lol.
JVC was quite good, and served quite powerfully.
Dawgs were uber-aggressive, nice to see.

Mad was even more impressive today. Not only lobs(against Slattery's good overheads), played really sharply overall, passing, etc. Again served solidly. She's the last freshman left in the doubles draw.
Erin again had a chance to serve out the match, and although again committing a DF lol, this time managed to do it without too much fuss.
What a year for Denver, congrats.

Why tall girls have advantage in doubles; Maya's high poaches at net. Just watched the 1st set.
Maya and Erin are aiming for the recently? unprecedented 3 wins at NCAA, this time not even playing together lol.


Semis tomorrow

Minor vs Campbell
Perez-Somarriba vs Woolcock

Women is rather balanced in American/Foreigner ratio.
Men seems rather skewed toward Foreigners. So many foreign-sounding names. In that sense the Nativists' outrage is understandable I guess. Unless you're not very good your son is not getting (partial) scholarships in elite tennis schools..even if you get it, many guys who actually play the slams are foreigners.

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