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Sunday, May 28, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/28

Missed Singles due to birding Peck Park. Wood Duck was a highlight, along with Yellow-breasted Chat. Spotted a little more than 40 species in 2 hrs.

Internet connection wasn't good during Cal. vs OSU, so couldn't watch much. Maegan tried to poach aggressively, hit and miss.

Erin applauded Foster's brilliant deflecting of Mad's attack. Both Tigers dumped an overhead. Foster's serve got attacked. Both 'Bamas served well.

So two Midwesterners in the Final. I've always regarded Brienne highly ever since that Winter National singles match against Dolehide(thought she was actually better of the two watching that match). So not too much surprised.
And as I said before, I thought Francesca was a better doubles player than singles lol, watching her junior matches.

Is Mad the first Arizonan to reach the pinnacle of Div. I tennis? At least recently. I've already mentioned her doubles excellence with Makenna against Black/Neel at the National.

You have to give credit to coach Mainz: this is the 3rd NCAA final her team reached. Of course it wouldn't have been possible without Erin, but still. Pairing Erin with Mad was a logical choice, but still it was her decision. And she did recruit Erin in the first place lol. Also Maya, I didn't even know her before.

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