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Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 NCAA 5/29 & June schedule

Could watch from the 2nd set(at first Playsight wasn't working).

Both singles winners served well. Brienne also approached the net.

Nice delayed celebration by Thai, after first shaking hands with Blumberg lol. He played #2 singles?


The more proactive team lost. Certainly better at net(even or especially Mad), but committed too many errors, including Erin's DFs. Net approaches were foiled by OSU's passes.
OSU was more passive but also more solid; Miho eliminated early drive errors, and they also served solidly. Miho's 1st serve was surprisingly good, and underhand serve was solid too. She mostly held methinks?

UA is interesting in that even during 2nd serve they maintain the T formation, fellow player at net crouching at T. Was successful so dunno why they abandoned it later.

Erin attacked Francesca's serve effectively at first. Didn't see much of Francesca's passing during this tournament, at least when I watched. Her angled serve and drive were pretty effective though, methinks.  Her 'outrageous' overhead at the baseline failed haha, nice try though.

UA team led 6-5 at the match TB yet thereafter only won 1 pt(couldn't win both points when Erin served), mostly by errors, mp was also Mad's drive error.

Ma next schedule:

After birding Bob's Gap/Crystalaire to spot that elusive Scott's Oriole, gonna head East: Big Morongo, Salton Sea, Yuma area at Cal/Arizona border.
If I can't fly, at least I can drive lol.

Target species:

Brown-crested Flycatcher at Big Morongo.
Gull-billed Tern & Laughing Gull at Salton Sea.
Black Rail & Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Yuma area(Colorado River).

Aiming for 400 species in California now! Currently 384.

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