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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 NCAA Individual draws out

Nice screenshot by collegetennistoday.


Singles, will concentrate on Melounova. Maltby as well.

Lohan vs Minor should be good.

Wonder how Livianu will fare against Stefani.

Aney vs Fahey, could be good betweeon those -eys lol.

Tough luck for Miyazaki, plays JVC.

Lord vs Renaud could be good, both are de facto aces despite not playing #1. Best hitter in their respective teams.

Failla has been hot lately, even playing #1(her instead of Xepoleas; something is/was seriously wrong with USC lol) and winning. Heard she's tranferring to OSU. We'll see how she does this tournament.

Popovic ended a good campaign with a loss. Adamovic in similar fashion. And they meet each other in the first round.

Tough 1st rd match for Ena; Bhosale has been playing very well this season.

Lahey vs Neel, rematch; Lahey won at Pepperdine.

Danilina vs Carter could be interesting.I


Now for far more interesting Doubles;

I'll watch those rookies, like Rogers, Russo and Pothoff.

Ahmed/Maddox vs Frantova/Rogers should be good.I


Adachi/Sutjiadi vs McAdoo/Renaud could be good as well.
Now that 2nd quarter is HELL;

The winner between them will face Berg/Cline vs Hart/Shibahara, which is an another marquee match incidentally.

The lower half;
Brinson/Perez vs Di Lorenzo/Kowase
Michaud/Russo vs Bashota/Garrido-Rivas
All mouth-watering matchups. I won't be surprised if the eventual winner emerges from this quarter.I


Another marquee match in the 4th quarter;

Danilina/Neel vs Hourigan/Jones

This GT team has excelled lately, and I haven't watched this Gator team this tournament.

Arbuthnott/Davidson vs Pothoff/Routliffe could be good, I'll give P/R the advantage but we'll see.

What a season it has been for Slattery; she should be the senior player of the year, not Carter. There's a thing called 'expectations'. Nobody expected Denver and Slattery to do this well, eh? Carter crashed in doubles aginst Stanford yesterday, so...
Hope ITA won't fuck this up :p

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