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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 NCAA semis 5/23 and final preview

Concentrated on ma favorite Emma Kurtz since she isn't playing Individual.

Doubles, VU wasn't overpowered, but committed too many drive errors during rallies. Were they pressured? Maybe, but still felt those errors were manageable. But Emma later flew at net, poaching very well so could have a tight match.

Singles, again reaffirmed my 'preference' for Emma lol. Just moves so well for her size! Passed verra well. Could definitely attack. Battle of the equels, against former Junior. #3 in the world Danilina, no less. But again, her countless drive errors sinking to the net. Only watched the 2nd set.

Sharma lost both matches, and they're #1 seed in the doubles tournament albeit their very poor performance this tournament. Singles loss was even more shocking. Woolcock really is stepping up.
Campbell was again in a beast mode, it seems. Maybe she should've stayed at, but Sharma did beat Stefani in 2 in the Quarterfinals.
Rosca's win against Neel was shocking, didn't expect that.
So I guess doubles really mattered here.

OSU were very lucky to have played Indoors this tournament, and they should've utilized it; failed. Singles #5 and 6, I said their depth would be a problem. Arbuthnott is playing well, it seems. Higuchi at #6 is like Xepoleas; I wonder if Stanford and Florida 'applied' USC's tactic. Like Austin at #5, you know?

Doyle #1? Eh...I did say she was a sacrificial lamb. Again, Stanford's stacking worked to their advantage. Because Lord and Davidson won lol.
Saw the match point on collegetennistoday, and do they really want to broadcast that?
How is moonballing and pushing going to promote college tennis? And that match was singles #3, not #5 or 6.
Really that promotion as a reason is a blatant lie lol, a niche sport like tennis won't dent the popularity of team sports.
Sanford seems to have played well, winning a set from Lord. I guess Santis did too, but did she crumble, wasn't she a game from winning the match.


Florida has advantage in the final. For sure they'll win the doubles point, and since Woolcock is playing so well, that's another automatic win. Higuchi possibly, but Keegan has defeated Stefani at WAATC, so we'll see. If K's serve is clicking she might hold all the way(she held in doubles yesterday).

Lord position is an automatic win for the Card.
It might again boil down to the lower positions;

Danilina vs Lampl
Austin vs Arbuthnott
Keegan vs Higuchi

I'd say Florida has an advantage, but we'll see how Arbuthnott fares against Austin.

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