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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Team NCAA All-Tournament Team

Doubles all Gators lol.


Why is it all Cards and Gators, me no likee.

1 Woolcock; I would also recommend Talaba
2 Lord; Methinks Campbell is a better choice, won all 3 matches, defeating Popovic, Lahey and Kuhlman. Only lost 1 set to Lahey
3 Davidson; lost to Neel? I would recommend Bolsova. She defeated Neel in 2. Well Rosca also defeated Neel in 2..haha.
4 Danilina; how about Kowase. Won all 3 matches, only losing 1 set to Lampl.
5 Arbuthnott; not Austin??!!
6 Keegan

Woolcock won MVP but I would've awarded to Keegan.

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