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Sunday, May 14, 2017

5/14 NCAA; CMS vs Pomona

Before heading to Biszantz(braved the crazy traffic again, and it changed from 4 to 3pm);

Today's Playsight? quality was outstanding; HD! So clear. Yet Full screen function wasn't working for the UGA one, and Oklahoma St., camera no.2 wasn't working. Cal. one, too much buffering or something. Today Stanford webcams didn't work.

The most disappointing; of course doubles still being a 6-game affair. Apparently Pepperdine got their release wrong, egad..

After the match finish;

I was wondering where Rachel was haha. Probably at court 1?

Was that Madison Shea? Blonde playing doubles #3 with Scott. I see potential! Hits quite aggressively. Her drive was really not bad. Unstable at times, but could be quite a good hitter methinks.

CMS #1 doubles seemed quite aggressive, was rather overwhelming the opponents later on. But I was concentrating on #2 doubles to see Katie Kuosman of course. What a career, especially in doubles; will be missed.

Condition didn't seem too good though. PP doubles returned quite well, and also attacked sharply. Allen wasn't bad, could hang with Casper.


Scott could definitely hang with Casper, and also could attack sharply; but Caro's relentless aggression was probably too much.

Another freshman, Tan. Not bad, a decent hitter. Against Zhao? Rather even methinks.

Why is the highest ranked player(#14) playing singles #3 I have no idea haha. Catherine Allen. Does everything well. Nice hitting, and has variety as well. Quite a catch for CMS.

Brown vs Hruska; variety duel lol. B's lobs were on point.

That was not an easy match for Katie. Because Joy Kim? was very good. Katie was on the defensive a lots of times, but was a tad more solid I guess.

PP is really not a bad team. Has of course Casper, and also doesn't lack depth. Won doubles 2-1 against CMS twice in a row. Just that they have to meet CMS in the regional final, tough luck.

I miss the 2014 CMS NCAA..Shoemaker & Elkins(Williams), Clark and Satterfield(Emory), Brewer and Devlin(Amherst), Meighan(Washington & Lee), Kohrs(MIT), Austi(JHU), Vega(Texas), Hammer(Chapman)..and of course, Caro Ward(CMS).
I see that Rao(JHU) is doing well now, she was quite a hitter even then. I wonder how good are the singles participants now. Better than 2014?

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