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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Big LA bird count

Subject: [LACoBirds] Big LA Bird Count
Dear Birders,

The last 3 days was L.A's annual big weekend count. It used to be
the annual ABA Birdiest County contest, but at least partly because LA
did so well each year, the formal competition stopped. To be fair,
we have an advantage that while can't count birds from boats, we do
have a birder part time on San Clemente Island and of course a wide
variety of habitats in our large area that includes desert and a good
mountain range plus we're along a major flyway. Our annual counts
have been 239 from our start in 2003 to a record 277 in 2011.

Several Counties including L.A. have continued counting including
Ventura which had around 225 species so far. Our preliminary total
is 264. Not our record but not too shabby!

There was also a report of a Willow Flycatcher by Joyce Brady on ebird
4/29 along with a picture. She has others but don't know how to
reach her. This would be new to the count as an early date. The
photo looks to be a Western Wood-pewee per Kimball Garrett (official
County Compiler/authority), Lance Benner (count oversight) & Jim Pike
(OC reporter). It would be nice to see her other pictures if a
different angle & light may look differently.......... Does anyone
know her email? An ebird Vesper Sparrow is under review also.

While over 50 people participated reporting to me directly, Nancy
Strangy and I culled other reports on ebird, which garnered around 30
species! Lance wants to wait a few days for any late reports to
ebird, when a final announcement will be sent. This website doesn't
allow enclosures so the report such as it is, is below. If you would
like a copy of either the preliminary and/or final 3 page report,
please send me a request at <wandadameron2...>.

Do think about participating next year, from looking out your window a
bit at home to a big weekend, or maybe chase specialties, when we as
always, hope to beat our record of 277! Lance puts together a
marvelous compendium of the more difficult birds and recent area
reports that he shares ahead of time in case you'd like to chase.
Watch here for more info in late April!

Wanda Dameron

This years Tally/Record Keeper

West San Fernando Valley

2004-2016(total 332)

Birds seen in 2017: 264Refer to Lance Benners Resource Listing of
birds seen recentlyNot countable


Albatross, Black-footed

Auklet, Cassin’s

Auklet, Rhinoceros

Avocet, American-JFi

Bittern, American

Bittern, Least: SM

Booby, Brown

Brant BA



Coot, American: DB

Cormorant, Brandt’s: BA

Cormorant, Double-crested: DB

Cormorant, Neotropic

Cormorant, Pelagic: AL

Curlew, Long-billed

Dipper: TM

Dowitcher, Long-billed: JFe

Dowitcher, Short-billed: JL

Duck, Long-tailed

Duck, Ring-necked:BO,TB

Duck, Ruddy: DB

Duck, Wood: MS

Dunlin: ME

Egret, Cattle

Egret, Great: DB

Egret, Snowy: DB

Frigatebird, Common-new

Fulmar, Northern

Gadwall: JFe

Gallinule, Common: DD

Godwit, Marbled: BA

Golden-plover, Pacific

Goldeneye, Common

Goose, Cackling:J/MS

Goose, Canada: ME

Dom:DB& Egyptian:TM

Goose, Great.White-fronted:DC

Goose, Ross’s:TM

Goose, Snow: BO, TB

Grebe, Clark’s:BA

Grebe, Eared:BA

Grebe, Horned:BA

Grebe, Pie-billed:DB

Grebe, Western:BA

Gull, Bonaparte’s:BA

Gull, California: BA

Gull, Franklin’s: JFe

Gull, Glaucous

Gull, Glaucous-winged: MD

Gull, Heermann’s

Gull, Herring

Gull, Iceland(Thayer’s)

Gull, Laughing

Gull, Lesser Black-backed-new

Gull, MewBA said not

Gull, Ring-billed:BA

Gull, Sabine’s

Gull, Western:BA

Gull, Yellow-footed-new

Heron, Great Blue:BA

Heron, Green:DC

Ibis, White-faced:JFi

Jaeger, Parasitic: AL

Jaeger, Pomarine


Kingfisher, Belted:DD

Knot, Red

Loon, Common:BA

Loon, Pacific: CD

Loon, Red-throated: BA

Loon, Yellow-billed

Mallard: S/FG

Merganser, Common: AL

Merganser, Hooded

Merganser, Red-breasted: BA

Murre, Common: AL

Murrelet, Scripps’s

Night-heron, Blck-crown:B/ST

Night-heron, Yellow-crowned-new

Oystercatcher, Black:TM

Pelican, Brown: ME

Pelican, American White: JFe

Phalarope, Red

Phalarope, Red-necked: JFe

Phalarope, Wilson’s: JFe

Pintail, Northern: S/FG

Plover, Black-bellied: DB

Plover, Semipalmated: BA

Plover, Snowy: LP

Rail, Ridgeway’s

Rail, Virginia

Redhead: JFe


Sanderling: BA

Sandpiper, Baird’s

Sandpiper, Least: JFe

Sandpiper, Semipalmated:JS

Sandpiper, Solitary: (4 reports) MSM

Sandpiper, Spotted; ME

Sandpiper, Stilt

Sandpiper, Western: ME

Scaup, Greater

Scaup, Lesser: BO

Scoter, Black

Scoter, Surf : CD

Scoter, White-winged

Shoveler, Northern

Shearwater, Black-vent:AL

Shearwater, Pink-footed: JS

Shearwater, Sooty: JS

Skimmer, Black: ME

Snipe, Wilson’s: S/FG

Sora: JFi

Stilt, Black-necked: DB

Surfbird: TM

Swan, Mute: B/ST

Swan, Tundra=new

Tattler, Wandering: BA

Teal, Blue-winged: J/MS

Teal, Cinnamon: JFe

Teal, Green-winged: JFe

Tern, Black

Tern, CaspianMS

Tern, Common: BE

Tern, Elegant:ME

Tern, Forster’s: BA

Tern, Least: BJ

Tern, Royal: BA

Turnstone, Black: BA

Turnstone, Ruddy: JL

Whimbrel: ME

Wigeon, American: ME

Willet: ME


Yellowlegs, Lesser: JFe


Blackbird, Brewer’s:BO,TB

Blackbird, Red-winged: DB

Blackbird, Tricolored: JFe

Blackbird, Yellow-head: J/DW

Bluebird, Mountain

Bluebird, Western: DB

Bulbul, Red whis.S/FG

Bunting, Indigo

Bunting, Lazuli: NS

Bushtit: S/FG

Cardinal, No.: MS

Caracara, Crested

Catbird, Gray

Chat, Yellow-breasted: DD

Chickadee, Mountain: LB

Chukar: JS

Collared-dove, Eurasian; BA

Condor, CaliforniaCowbird, Brown-headed: DB

Crane, Sandhill

Creeper, Brown: KL

Crossbill, Red: LB

Crow, American: S/FG

Dove, Inca: RB

Dove, Mourning: S/FG

Dove, Spotted: RB

Dove, White-winged

Eagle, Bald: JS

Eagle, Golden: MS

Falcon, Peregrine: CY

Falcon, Prairie: JFe

Finch, Cassin’s: LB

Finch, House: S/FG

Finch, Purple: LB

Flicker, Northern: LB

Flycatcher, Ash-throated: NS

Flycatcher, Dusky: LB

Flycatcher, Dusky-capped

Flycatcher, Gray: DD

Flycatcher, Hammond’s: ST

Flycatcher, Least - new

Flycatcher, Olive-sided: LB

Flycatcher, Pacific-slope: S/FG

Flycatcher, Vermilion: RF

Flycatcher, Willow? JB+1new

Gnatcatcher, Black-tailed-new

Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray: LB

Gnatcatcher, California: EG

Goldfinch, American: KM

Goldfinch, Lawrence’s: DB

Goldfinch, Lesser: S/FG

Grackle, Great-tailed: LB

Grosbeak, Black-headed:S/FG

Grosbeak, Blue: DD

Grosbeak, Evening

Ground-dove, Common:B/ST

Harrier, Northern: ME

Hawk, Cooper’s: JM

Hawk, Ferruginous

Hawk, Red-shouldered: NS

Hawk, Red-tailed: LS

Hawk, Sharp-shinned

Hawk, Swainson’s: S/FG

Hummingbird, Allen’s: S/G

Hummingbird, Anna’s: DB

Hummingbird, Black-chin.: JM

Hummingbird, CalliopeL/TW

Hummingbird, Costa’s: LT

Hummingbird, Rufous: RG

Jay, Steller’s: LB

Junco, Dark-eyed: S/FG

Kestrel, American: LS

Kingbird, Cassin’s:DD

Kingbird, Thick-billed

Kingbird, Tropical

Kingbird, Western: DB

Kinglet, Golden-crowned: LB

Kinglet, Ruby-crowned: DC

Kite, White-tailed: MD

Lark, Horned: JS

Martin, Purple: email/BO

Meadowlark, Western: CD


Mockingbird, Northern: S/FG

Munia, Scaly-breasted: DD

Nighthawk, Lesser: KG

Nutcracker, Clark’s: LB

Nuthatch, Pygmy: LB

Nuthatch, Red-breasted: LB

Nuthatch, White-breasted: LB

Oriole, Baltimore

Oriole, Bullock’s: LS

Oriole, Hooded: WD

Oriole, Orchard

Oriole, Scott’s; S/FG


Owl, Barn: MSM

Owl, Burrowing: JFe

Owl, Flammulated

Owl, Great Horned: MS

Owl, Long-eared

Owl, Northern Pygmy: LB

Owl, Northern Saw-whet

Owl, Spotted: LB

Owl, Western Screech: LB

Parakeet, Mitred: S/FG

Parrot, Red-crowned:S/FG

Parula, Northern

Phainopepla: LS

Phoebe, Black: S/FG

Phoebe, Eastern

Phoebe, Say’s: MS

Pigeon, Band-tailed: S/FG

Pigeon, Rock: DB

Pipit, American: JFi

Pipit, Red-throated

Poorwill, Common: LB

Pygmy-owl, Northern

Quail, California: LS

Quail, Gambel’s: JS

Quail, Mountain: LB

Raven, Common: NS

Redstart, American

Redstart, Painted

Roadrunner, Greater: JFe

Robin, American: S/FG

Sapsucker, Red-breasted: J/MS

Sapsucker, Red-naped

Sapsucker, Williamson’s: LB

Sapsucker, Yellow-bellied=new

Screech-owl, Western

Scrub-jay, Western: S/FG

Shrike, Loggerhead: DD

Siskin, Pine

Solitaire, Townsend’s: LB

Sparrow, Bell’s (belli & : JS


Sparrow, Black-chinned: LB

Sparrow, Black-throated:S/FG

Sparrow, Brewer’s: KG

Sparrow, Chipping: NS

Sparrow, Clay-colored

Sparrow, Field

Sparrow, Fox: LB

Sparrow, Golden-crowned: KL

Sparrow, Grasshopper

Sparrow, Harris: BO

Sparrow, House: WD

Sparrow, Lark: DB

Sparrow, Lincoln’s: TD

Sparrow, Rufous-crown:NS

Sparrow, Savannah: ME

Sparrow, Song: S/FG

Sparrow, Swamp

Sparrow, Vesper–under review

Sparrow, White-crowned: KM

Sparrow, White-throat:J/B

Starling, European: LS

Swallow, Bank: DB

Swallow, Barn: BA

Swallow, Cliff: DB

Swallow, No. Rough-wing:DB

Swallow, Tree: DB

Swallow, Violet-green: LB

Swift, Vaux’s: JM

Swift, White-throated: JM

Tanager, Hepatic

Tanager, Summer

Tanager, Western: S/FG

Thrasher, CaliforniaNS

Thrasher, LeConte’s: JFe

Thrush, Hermit: DB

Thrush, Swainson’s: DD

Thrush, Varied

Titmouse, Oak: S/FG

Towhee, California: S/FG

Towhee, Green-tailed: LB

Towhee, Spotted: S/FG

Verdin: AL

Vireo, Bell’s: MS

Vireo, Cassin’s: NS

Vireo, Hutton’s: DD

Vireo, Plumbeous: AL

Vireo, Warbling: JM

Vireo, Yellow-throated-new

Vulture, Turkey: LS

Warbler, Black-and-white

Warbler, Black-throt Gray:S/FG

Warbler, Chestnut-sided

Warbler, Hermit: NS

Warbler, Hooded

Warbler, MacGillivray’s: BO

Warbler, Nashville: NS

Warbler, Orange-crowned:S/FG

Warbler, Palm

Warbler, Pine-new

Warbler, Tennessee

Warbler, Townsend’s: ME

Warbler, Wilson’s: BO

Warbler, Yellow: DB

Warbler, Yellow-rumped: NS

Warbler, Yellow-throated

Waterthrush, Northern

Waxwing, Cedar: ME

Whydah, Pintailed: ME

Wood-pewee, Western: NS

Woodpecker, Acorn: S/FG

Woodpecker, Downy: ME

Woodpecker, Hairy: LB

Woodpecker, Ladder-backed

Woodpecker, Lewis’s

Woodpecker, Nuttall’s: S/FG

Woodpecker, White-head: LB

Wren, Bewick’s: S/FG

Wren, Cactus: JFe

Wren, Canyon: NS

Wren, House: S/FG

Wren, Marsh: JFe

Wren, Rock: LB

Wrentit: S/FG

Yellowthroat, Common: DB


BA Bernardo Alps

RBRichard Barth

DBDavid Barton

DBDavid Bell

LBLance Benner

TBTom Benson

JBJoyce Bradyebird

DCDan Cooper

WDWanda Dameron

MDMathew Dawebird

DDDarren Dowell

CDChris Dean

TDTracy Drakeebird

MEMerryl Edelstein

JfeJon Feenstra

JfiJon Fisher

RFRick Fisher

EGEd Griffinebird

KGKimball Garrett

S/FGSusan & Frank Gilliland

RGRuth Gravanceebird

J/BJun & Binebird

BJBarbara Johnson

KLKevin Lappebird

ALAndrew Leeebird

JLJoe Lepistoebird

SMSarrah MacLean ebird

TMThomas Miko

JMJim Moore

KMKim Moore –ebird

BOBrittany O’Conner

JPJim Pike

LPLucien Plauzoles

MSMMichael San Miguel Jr.

J/MSJanet & Mark Scheel

LSLarry Schmahl

JSJustin Stahl

MSMike Stensvold

DSDon Sterba

PSPamela Stones

NSNancy Strangy

DSDave Surtees

CTChristopher Taylor

LTLluke Tiller –ebird

B/STBecky & Steve Turley

C/RWCat & Rob Waters

J/DWJoyce & Doug Waterman

MWMichael Woodruff

L/TWLiga & Tom Wurster

CYChezy Yusufebird

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