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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Have no idea which team will win NCAA

Just came back from Piute/Apollo Park, never seen so many Wilson's Warbler and Flycatchers(mostly Pacific-slope, but some Hammond's as well).

Top seeds in major conferences were vulnerable; for example UF and UNC during the team tournaments.
UF rather struggled against MSU, and edged Arkansas 4-3 during the regular season.
UNC lost the doubles point against FSU, and later also lost the point against GT, and won the championship 4-3. Daavettila like Manasse, is underserving now.
Stanford, edged UCLA 4-3. Lost to Pepperdine 2-5 or something.
Texas Tech had a close match against UT.
OSU, edged Illinois 4-3.

So I'd say it's wide open. It's there for the taking. Perfect time for a new champion. Who'll show enough courage to win it all. Aren't you guys tired of Stanford winning every time lol. Please don't choke this time, eh?

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