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Monday, May 8, 2017

How Florida established their dynasty

Not as dominating as Stanford, but still.

UF first made the NCAA final in 1988, losing to Stanford. Stanford was then in the midst of making their historic run, winning the NCAA 6 years in a low, leaving erstwhile 'rival' USC in the dust.

UF made the finals again in 1990, then in 1992 won their maiden NCAA.

From 1995, they made the finals 5 years in a row, winning twice.

1995 UT UF
1996 UF STAN
1997 STAN UF
1998 UF DUKE
1999 STAN UF

They made the finals twice more before the Embree/Will era, in 2002-3(won in 2003 defeating Stanford).

They're record finalist, 7 times, and they're not alone. Shares the record with UCLA. Stanford follows with 6. The reason why I dub those 3 teams, 'Big 3'.

Texas has had some good runs, making the finals 4 times. UGA, 3 times.

W tennis is the most predictable and boring sport there is, those Big 3 accounting for 26 NCAA championships. Of 35 lol.

Stanford/UF finals;

88 STAN won
90 STAN won
96 UF won
97 STAN won
99 STAN won
02 STAN won
03 UF won
2010 STAN won
2011 UF won

Stanford leads 6-3.

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