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Monday, May 8, 2017

If I were to visit one NCAA site..

TRN had the discussion just now.

My take;

Of course Michigan, mostly due to birding lol. Prime migration season there, at Magee Marsh and Pt. Pelee. Too bad I can't attend due to lack of funds.

But potential UM vs UK 2nd rd matchup is just so mouthwatering. I was so impressed with UK in their loss against USC during the SEC tournament.

Their lower singles position is really strong, and Parazinskaite played sublime tennis to defeat Martins at #2.

Chumney will probably blitz at #6, so Michigan is under pressure here; has to win the doubles point. Which will not be easy. That doubles point might be the marquee match of all NCAA 2nd rd matches. Real pity they only have to win 6 games.

UK swept top 3 singles positions against USC. And Horvit and Martins are top players.

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