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Monday, May 8, 2017

NCAA] The curse of beating Stanford?

No team has accomplished both recently, beating Stanford and then winning the whole shebang. 2011 Florida is an anomaly, in that they were actually on the brink of defeat against Ahn-less Stanford.

2007, UCLA defeated Stanford(coach Sampras-Webster; "This team is not afraid of Stanford") in the semi only to lose to GT in the final.
2008, BU defeated Stanford in the quarterfinals 4-1 only to lose to Cal. 4-3 in the semi.
2009, BU again defeated Stanford 4-3 in the Rd of 16 only to lose to ND in the quarterfinals by the same score.
2011, UF defeated Stanford 4-3 in the final.
2012, USC shocked Stanford only to lose to UCLA in the semi.
2014, UNC defeated Stanford 4-3 in the semi only to lose to UCLA in the final by the same score.
2015, UGA defeated Stanford in the quarterfinals 4-1 only to lose to UCLA in the semi by the same score.

So, in the NCAA, following 6 teams have defeated Stanford during the last decade;

UCLA, BU(twice), UF, USC, UNC and UGA.

So Stanford 'only' won 3 times in the last decade, interesting. Hardebeck gave them 2 Rings.

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