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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NCAA should be played at the West Coast

Why not put it permanently at sunny IW :p

I mean, Illinois, now Georgia, it was a veritable NTI; what's the difference between NTI and those NCAAs, I have no idea.

Nona. That's Florida, so rain is to be expected, eh?

Indoor requirements? Why is it required at sunny California; Stanford 2011 NCAA had some rain delays but it wasn't as extreme like Georgia right now.

The problem especially for So. Cal college teams is infrastructure; they just don't have courts like TAMU, at which you could watch two college matches pretty much simultaneously; those courts were placed on the opposite sides, very convenient. But I've experienced those insane weathers there as well lol, sudden torrential downpours and such, during the 2009 NCAA(why didn't I BIRD then, sigh..found out the joy of birding too late! But better late than never I guess, have to again thank the idiotic ITA for killing doubles lol, that motivated me to seek another hobby!).

That's why IWTG is an ideal solution. Sure it'll be hot, but it's better than RAINING ALL DAY, EVERY DAY lol.

I'm not promoting IWTG only because I can drive there in 1.5 hours..haha.

What say you?

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