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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NIIC to Indian Wells(National Fall Championship)

First a rant!

Tennis Nativists(whom I gather are many) should be enraged at the casting of 'Genius', a movie about Tom Wolfe and his editor Max Perkins. Except for Laura Linney all principal actors are..English lol. Rather ludicrous, really! Are all American actors too busy filming those Comics and action movie sequels lol.
And did Perkins really wear a hat ALL THE TIME? Anyway maybe I should read Wolfe's 'Look Homeward, Angel' again.

Back to topic;

Quite a surprise, effectively killing Indoors. NYC no more, and therefore Columbia host wildcard as well(it was a dubious decision anyway, awarding a host player/team WCs). I would've liked to visit NYC again, and to bird Central Park as well, too bad?

Good thing is that I get to watch elite players again, but I'm really getting spoiled; WAATC, Oracle(are they adhearing to that ludicrous decision on Mixed doubles in lieu of doubles? Egad..) and now National Fall Championship...! Too bad for other regions.

So instead of attending Easter Bowl, I might attend this, but what if that woman is in charge of it?

Anyway, what this means, is Consolidation; into two power regions, Florida and So. Cal.

Florida- Nona, USTA
So. Cal- IW/Malibu, Oracle

Well other regions do host NCAA and such;

2018 Wake Forest
2019 Nona?
2020 Oklahoma State
2021 Nona?
2022 Illinois

2018 Wisconsin

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