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Saturday, May 13, 2017

On the decision on two coaches

UVA letting go of coach Guilbeau;

Don't understand. Don't they remember what he achieved for the program? Consecutive ACC championships? Producing slam champs such as Collins and Elbaba?

PAC 12 awarding coach Gallien coach of the year award;

USC had one of the worst seasons. Failed to reach the final site of NTI and NCAA. They just lost to Denver in the 1st rd of NCAA. Very questionable decision from Pac 12 and it's really not fair to other coaches who had better results. I'll understand if they awarded coach Gallien a separate honorary award like achievement award(he did lead the team to multiple Conference Championships), but coach of the year? Are you kidding me.

For example Oregon had a memorable dual season defeating Washington, USC, UCLA and Arizona. Lost to Cal. 3-4. And they're now on the brink of advancing to NCAA 2nd rd against NCSU; just won the doubles point. Coach Silverio was robbed of the nomination, imo.
Heck even UW coach Stephenson is a more worthy choice(incidentally both coach Silverio and Stephenson are from GT), UW having defeated Alabama, Illinois, NU, USC, Arizona and losing to BU 3-4 this season.


USCwtennisfan said...

Yes, I agree this was worst performance in a long, long time by the USC women's team. Obviously, Gallien didn't resign on his own. Who would leave one of highest paying tennis coaching jobs where you don't have to travel extensively like coaches of touring pros? Question unanswered is was he let go because of the team's poor performance or something else. Suspicious because why were the assistant coach and grad assistant removed immediately at the time of the resignation announcment? It is also mysterious that 2 players disappeared from the team with no announcment: Xepoleas and Letzt. The program, which dominated tennis under Dave Borelli in the last 70s and early 80s with 7 national team titles, never reached the NCAA finals under Gallien. The last time was 1985 under Borelli. It should be noted the 2013 USC team was probably the 2nd best team that year but had to play champion Stanford in the quarters because the Cardinal was erroneously seeded 12th.

fan said...

I also think that it might be a non tennis matter. After all USC coaches weren't let go when they didn't make the NCAA final site 3 years in a row in 2009-11.
2013 USC was like 2010 Florida. Won Pac 12 with ease but lost a re match. KK/Sabs routed Ahn/Gibbs in Dual match but were upset, their only loss that season. Shouldn't have lost, yet another underperformance by the Trojans in the NCAA.

USCwtennisfan said...

I think you could be right. Last two seasons of mediocre performance and under performance by the Trojans in NCAAs over the years probably not enough to pull the plug after 22 years.
Yes, that doubles loss was the height of NCAAs under performance. Christian/Santamaria sometime play together on ITF circuit and a week ago lost in finals at Charleston after taking the first set.

fan said...

Not much else to say. So many coaching 'turnovers' this season, I'm even imagining a vague connection lol. Coach Bernstein of UGA was also suspended.