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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Recent uncommon birds in LA county

Date: 4/27/17 6:16 pm
From: <lbenner...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [LACoBirds] America's Birdiest County Reminder
Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that our America's Birdiest County event starts
tonight at midnight and runs through midnight on Sunday night.

Although I'm helping to organize things, this year Wanda Dameron will
be the compiler, so please send reports to her at:


Please feel free to post reports on the LA County listserve as well,
regardless of whether you found anything rare.

In our organizational email earlier this week, we provided a list of
uncommon birds that have been reported in recent weeks. There have
been some new reports so here's an update of that list, which now
includes recent purple martins, among other things:

* = Potential new species for ABC weekend

3/22 *Tundra Swan Pierce College, Woodland Hills
2/26 *Eurasian Wigeon Oxford Basin, Marina del Rey
3/20 *Eurasian Wigeon Madrona Marsh
3/06 Canvasback Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds
3/27 Greater Scaup Quail Lake
3/12 Greater Scaup Aqueduct/255th St. West
4/05 Black Scoter Dockweiler Beach
4/22 Black Scoter Venice Beach
4/05 White-winged Scoter Dockweiler Beach
3/06 Common Goldeneye Rio Hondo
3/07 Common Goldeneye Cabrillo beach
3/11 Common Goldeneye Peck R. Water Conservation Area
3/11 Common Goldeneye Una Lake, just east of Lake Palmdale
3/12 Common Goldeneye Quail Lake
3/21 Common Goldeneye Piute Ponds
3/25 Hooded Merganser Bette Davis Park & Glendale Narrows
3/23 Hooded Merganser Apollo Park
3/08 Hooded Merganser Piute Ponds
3/21 Hooded Merganser Sepulveda Basin
3/21 Hooded Merganser Ballona Fresh Water Marsh
3/14 Hooded Merganser Descanso Gardens
3/20 Hooded Merganser Malibu Creek State Park
3/30 Hooded Merganser Hahamongna Watershed Park
3/25 Hooded Merganser Hansen Dam
3/25 Hooded Merganser Big Tujunga Wash north of 210
4/25 *Magnificent Frigatebird Cabrillo Beach Bluffs
4/10 *Brown Booby Cabrillo Beach Park/San Pedro Fishing Pier
4/20 Neotropic Cormorant Bonelli Park
4/15 American Bittern Ballona Freshwater Marsh
4/25 Cattle Egret Piute Ponds
3/26 Cattle Egret Santa Fe Dam
4/13 Cattle Egret Malibu Lagoon
4/20 *Yellow-crowned NightHeron El Dorado Park, main pond, along the
3/14 *California Condor Pyramid Lake, north end near Emigrant Landing
3/07 Ferruginous Hawk Petersen Ranch, just east of Lake Elizabeth
Rd/Johnson Rd. junction
3/12 Ferruginous Hawk Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve
4/25 Bald Eagle San Gabriel Dam, Highway 39
3/25 Bald Eagle Bonelli Park
3/25 Virginia Rail Piute Ponds
3/25 Virginia Rail Ballona Freshwater Marsh
4/26 Pacific Golden-plover San Clemente Island
3/25 Long-billed Curlew Piute Ponds
4/19 Long-billed Curlew Lancaster Sewer Ponds
4/19 Long-billed Curlew Ballona Creek Jetties
4/19 Long-billed Curlew Del Rey Lagoon
4/26 Long-billed Curlew Antelope Valley 90th-100th East, Ave. F
3/22 Red Knot Playa del Rey end of jetties
3/21 Red Knot Ballona Creek, Pacific Ave. bridge
4/25 Wilson's Snipe Madrona Marsh
3/11 Wilson's Snipe Bonelli Park
3/14 Wilson's Snipe Ballona Freshwater Marsh
3/20 Wilson's Snipe Cal State Dominguez Hills
4/19 Wilson's Snipe Piute Ponds
4/19 Solitary Sandpiper Madrona Marsh
4/25 Solitary Sandpiper Piute Ponds
4/19 Solitary Sandpiper Sepulveda Basin
4/22 Solitary Sandpiper Peck Pits
4/22 Solitary Sandpiper San Gabriel Coastal Basin Spreading Grounds,
Pico Rivera
4/19 Common Murre Zuma Beach. Bird was oiled and rescued.
2/26 Mew Gull Junipero Beach, Long Beach
3/02 Mew Gull Ballona Creek, Lincoln to Highway 90
3/25 Mew Gull Ballona Creek Mouth/Jetties & breakwater
3/25 Mew Gull Cabrillo Beach Park
3/04 Mew Gull Dockweiler State Beach
3/22 Mew Gull LA River, Willow Street
2/20 *Yellow-footed Gull Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds
3/12 *Yellow-footed Gull LA River between Atlantic and Alondra
3/18 *Lesser Black-backed Gull Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds
3/04 *Iceland Gull Rio Hondo spreading grounds
4/16 Common Tern Bonelli Park
4/15 Inca Dove Lake Los Angeles
4/10 Inca Dove Colonel Leon Washington Park
4/23 Common Ground-Dove San Gabriel River Trail, Trabuco St.
4/17 Common Ground-Dove San Gabriel River Trail, north of Cerritos
golf course
4/27 Common Ground-Dove Peck Pits, NE corner of south lake
4/21 White-winged Dove Crystalaire, Antelope Valley
4/24 White-winged Dove LA River/Hill St., DeForest Ave. side of the
3/18 Long-eared Owl Apollo Park, NW corner in tamarisks
4/14 Williamson's Sapsucker Table Mountain
3/04 *Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Bixby Marshland in Carson
2/21 Red-naped Sapsucker El Dorado Regional Park, Area 3
2/27 Red-naped Sapsucker Hansen Dam
2/27 Red-naped Sapsucker Lower Arroyo Seco, South Pasadena
2/28 Red-naped Sapsucker Ponderosa Lane, Palos Verdes
4/26 Prairie Falcon Piute Ponds
4/15 *Least Flycatcher Whitter Narrows
3/14 *Eastern Phoebe Madrona Marsh
3/15 *Eastern Phoebe Bonelli Park north, picnic area 4
2/25 Vermilion Flycatcher West Antelope Valley: 138/286th west
2/26 Vermilion Flycatcher Earvin Magic Johnson Recreation Area
4/02 Vermilion Flycatcher Oakdale Memorial Park (cemetery), Glendora
3/10 Vermilion Flycatcher LA National Cemetery
3/04 Vermilion Flycatcher Columbia Park in Torrance
3/18 Vermilion Flycatcher El Dorado Regional Park, area 2
3/19 Vermilion Flycatcher La Mirada Park
4/04 Vermilion Flycatcher Santa Fe Dam
4/15 Vermilion Flycatcher Madrona Marsh
4/23 Vermilion Flycatcher Crystalaire Country Club, Antelope Valley
4/15 Vermilion Flycatcher Apollo Park
3/22 Dusky-capped Flycatcher La Mirada Creek Park, La Mirada
3/15 Dusky-capped Flycatcher John Anson Ford Park, Bell Gardens
3/06 Thick-billed Kingbird Horsethief Canyon Park in San Dimas
2/27 Tropical Kingbird Earvin Magic Johnson Recreation Area
3/20 Tropical Kingbird El Dorado Park, area 3
3/30 Tropical Kingbird Lake Balboa
4/17 Tropical Kingbird Peck Pits
4/23 *Yellow throated Vireo Rocky Oaks Park, Mulholland Dr, West of
Kanan-Dume Road
2/26 Plumbeous Vireo Earvin Magic Johnson Recreation Area
3/25 Plumbeous Vireo Hansen Dam
3/26 Plumbeous vireo Santa Fe Dam
3/26 Plumbeous Vireo Valley Plaza Park, North Hollywood
4/08 Plumbeous Vireo Wardlow Park in Long Beach
4/10 Plumbeous Vireo Arcadia County Park
4/21 Plumbeous Vireo Santa Clara River, Santa Clarita
4/25 Purple Martin Piute Ponds
4/27 Purple Martin Hansen Dam
3/23 *Black-tailed Gnatcatcher Edwards AFB Mequite Forest (off limits
to the public)
3/04 American Dipper mile 4.75, West Fork, San Gabriel River
4/03 American Dipper mile 3.2, West Fork, San Gabriel River
3/12 American Dipper East Fork, San Gabriel River, near Bridge to
4/22 American Dipper Barrett-Stoddard Road
3/03 Golden-crowned Kinglet 9800 East G10, Antelope Valley (N of 100th
East/East Ave H)
3/23 Golden-crowned Kinglet Peck Park, San Pedro
2/25 Mountain Bluebird Gorman Post Road pond
2/26 Mountain Bluebird San Clemente Island
3/11 Mountain Bluebird Nebeker Ranch
3/07 Mountain Bluebird Petersen Ranch, E of Lake Elizabeth
4/23 *Gray Catbird West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail (Monte
Verde Park)
4/19 Le Conte's Thrasher Piute Ponds
4/23 Northern Parula Peck Pits, far north end
2/26 Palm Warbler LA National Cemetery
3/07 Palm Warbler Entradero park (Dave Moody)
4/09 Palm Warbler Hahamongna Watershed Park
4/22 Palm Warbler Banning Park in Wilmington
4/15 Palm Warbler Madrona Marsh
4/16 Palm Warbler Sand Dune Park
4/16 Palm Warbler South Gate Park behind the large Sports Center
Building, working trees
3/12 *Yellow-throated Warbler Earvin Magic Johnson Recreation Area
2/20 Black-and-white Warbler La Mirada Park
2/25 Black-and-white Warbler LA County Arboretum
3/02 Black-and-white Warbler El Segundo Library Park
4/19 Black-and-white Warbler Madrona Marsh
3/20 Black-and-white Warbler Legg Lake, near restroom 7
4/08 Black and white Warbler LA River/Oros Street, 200 m upstream from
lower end of riparian
4/20 Black and white Warbler Ralph Dills Park
4/02 Pine Warbler Santa Fe Dam
2/21 Painted Redstart Palos Verdes, just north of South Coast Botanic
3/04 Green-tailed Towhee West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail,
2/28 Swamp Sparrow Playa Vista riparian corridor
4/22 Brewer's Sparrow Bob's Gap
3/09 Clay-colored Sparrow Exposition Park
4/17 Clay-colored Sparrow Santa Fe Dam
4/08 Clay-colored Sparrow West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail,
South of Del Amo
4/26 Harris' Sparrow Thompson Creek Trail/Pomello, Claremont
3/12 White throated Sparrow Cobb Estate, Altadena
2/27 White-throated Sparrow LA County Arboretum
2/24 White-throated Sparrow Holmby Hills
3/01 White-throated Sparrow Wilmington Drain above PCH
2/25 White-throated Sparrow Alta Vicente Preserve
4/09 White-throated Sparrow South Coast Botanic Garden
4/26 White-throated Sparrow Sand Dune Park
4/13 White-throated Sparrow Los Liones Park, near the Getty Villa
3/28 White-throated Sparrow Beverly Hills 2 SG neighborhood
3/24 White-throated Sparrow Neff Park, La Mirada
3/30 White-throated Sparrow David Bell's house in La Canada-Flintridge
4/17 White-throated Sparrow 14 Crest Road, LA (private residence)
4/19 White-throated Sparrow Ed Thomas' yard
3/03 Vesper Sparrow Santa Fe Dam
4/13 Vesper Sparrow Poppy Preserve
3/11 Vesper Sparrow Nebeker Ranch
2/26 Summer Tanager Mentor Ave/Arden Road, Pasadena
4/08 Summer Tanager Wardlow Park, SE quadrant and near parking lot
(Long Beach)
3/27 Baltimore Oriole La Mirada Park
4/05 Baltimore Oriole Elysian Park, Chavez Ravine. NW of Grace E.
Simons Lodge in silk oaks.
2/27 Orchard Oriole LA Arboretum
4/07 Orchard Oriole 4823 Ben Ave., Los Angeles.

Good luck to us! 

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