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Monday, May 15, 2017

Short season-review

What a...Stacking Year! 
Especially prominent and blatant all season.
Practically every team did it, spearheaded by the two powerhouses, Stanford and Florida.

Here's one example(I made it up, but who knows it actually happened!);

A girl accompained her dad to watch her idol, a top elite doubles player playing a college dual match.

"Papa, why is she playing doubles #3? Shouldn't she play #1, considering her illustrious junior doubles career? Didn't she do well this season too?"

" gotta consider the arcane art of stacking, dear! Sorry but that's how it works!"

What problem will it cause in case of TV They would like to focus on #1, but the putatitve 'star' is playing 'elsewhere'...haha.

The joy of college tennis!

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