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Monday, May 1, 2017

Some more on the Eastern Trip

Yesterday night dreamt of a 16 oz. Starbucks tumbler, on sale at 50 cents or something! Naturally snatched it up, and it was too good to be true lol.

On the last day at Norman, fortunately met Joan and Dick. Joan is a 20-year birder French expatriate(Brittany!) who just returned, and Dick is a local expert, who birds So. Jenkins Ave. every day. Thanks to him heard White-eyed Vireo, but while he managed to actually see it, I missed it -_- I do think I spotted a Yellow-throated Vireo though.

Joan kindly showed me the direction to the Red-headed Woodpecker location at the park near her home, but I missed it. She even brought out a hot green tea for me! Her small I-Pad looked pretty good, editing pics features and all that. Browsed her bird pics(including France ones!) together. She showed me a french birding website, Oiseaux. org or something.

Later birded Ten Mile Flat and spotted a lone Upland Sandpiper, and a couple of Dickcissel. Purple Martin too methinks.

Chick-fil-A restaurant was closed near Days Inn Norman(Main St., which I heartily recommend. Excellent breakfast choices, and opens at 6:30am. Even has a running machine. American Best Value Inn at SW Rome is good too, breakfast is meh but Georgia Highlands Paris Lake is less han 5 minutes away!), too bad. But I wasn't too impressed sampling the burger near home, and nearby Arby's had vegetables! Banana pepper, Jalapeno, onion, 'loyally' ate there.

Last day at UGA was hell; hellish humidity lol, I was incessantly wiping the sweat forming on my forehead at RTC!

And Fire? Ants! Ventured into the grassy path at NW edge of Georgia Highlands Paris lake to spot Northern Bobwhite, and may have stumbled upon a den or something. When I was birding later at Heritage Park trail behind Rome Braves stadium, I felt some tickling and looked down...and discovered that my leg was literally crawling with red ants!!! Inside the sole of my shoe, on my legs(and I was wearing a long pants)..dusted off hurriedly sitting on a nearby bench but paid the price; my leg is covered with angry red blotches right now.

And you know what, Oklahoma was hit by an unusual cold weather(with rain). Receptionist at the hotel said it was 90 degrees before I came, and told me she had to bring the winter jackets out again for her daughters lol. 40s in the morning, can you believe that! So I had to buy 2 winter clothes! A fleece? jacket and OKC Thunders wool hat at Wal-Mart.

Mitsubishi car(Mirage?) had a temperature light on whenever I started, so was concerned but it seems normal for Mitsubishi cars(not a malfunction).

Dodge Dart,verra comfortable, smooth driving, but the controls are rather counter-intuitive. Lights buttons were not at the wheel but near the window, for example. Can't beat Toyota in that regard..anyway it was nice sampling other cars.

Tired so maybe will write some tidbits I poked on my cell phone later.
And that post could be the last before my Georgia NCAA trip funding target is met!

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