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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stanford's record of shame

Provocative title lol, but just their 4-3 results on the win to the 3 NCAA team tournaments in the last decade; 2010, 2013, 2016.

Their results during their title runs;

 5/25/2010 #1 University of Florida Win 4-3
 5/24/2010 #32 University of Notre Dame Win 4-2
 5/22/2010 #16 Baylor University Win 4-2
 5/20/2010 #38 Clemson University Win 4-0

UF win was an upset, actually. UF should not have lost, especially when Embree defeated Barte at #1. Will losing to 'serveless' Burdette(or was her serve clicking on that day? She was notorious for her unstable serve) was shocking and clinched the match. Boonstra vs Burdette could've gone either way.


5/21/2013 #20 Texas A&M University Win 4-3
 5/20/2013 #1 University of Florida Win 4-3
 5/19/2013 #5 University of Georgia Win 4-1
 5/17/2013 #25 University of Southern California Win 4-3

 5/24/2016 #9 Oklahoma State University Win 4-3
 5/23/2016 #3 Vanderbilt University Win 4-2
 5/21/2016 #10 University of Michigan Win 4-3
 5/19/2016 #1 University of Florida Win 4-3

Now, can you honestly say that Stanford was 'underranked'?? Just look at all those 4-3 results lol. They literally scraped and clawed to the win. Not quite a dominating performance. Those domineering halcyon days are probably over. Even when they're still recruiting/cherry picking elite players with ease.

But they're still going to win most of the time, precisely because their recruiting is so...effective. 2013 and 2016 results are rather opposite in that in 2013 they won many top 3 singles matches; Gibbs/Ahn/Hardebeck super trio.
2016, opposite in that they won the lower positions; Hardebeck, Lampl, Lord.

Any way you spin it, their recruting is formidable; even if they don't recruit superstars like Gibbs, Ahn and Hardebeck, they still can win the lower positions due to their extraordinary depth. Christ, Higuchi, NW Regional finalist, is playing #6!! An egregious example of their insane depth.

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