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Monday, May 15, 2017

The winner in recruiting the class of 2017

What with all those top elite players turning pro lol, which teams did actually benefit?

Hard to say..Vandy who gets Meyer comes to mind. She could actually be the best player to commit lol.

If Dolehide commits to UCLA, along with Altick;  unquestionably the best. But Caro is no longer on TRN list? Ominous...?

Even though Stanford lost Bellis(at least she verballed!), they still got Gordon and Shin, good enough.

Duke, gets Chen and Zhao(she comes early).

Glozman just jumped a class according to TRN; is she coming early as well. I haven't really seen her much so can't say how she'll impact the team.

Have to mention UGA too, getting Coppoc and Goulak(why is coach Bernstein suspended..hope he comes back soon. So many 'turnover' this season..can't be related?)

And let's not forget the Ivy league schools. They've been recruiting quite well recently.

Especially interested in 4 schools; ND(Bojczuk, Dunleavy, Corse; I'd say they recruited quite nicely. Look out for them next season), Arkansas(Rice), Auburn(Meredith), NCSU(Bridges).


Anonymous said...

I heard Dolehide isn't listed on TRN because she doesn't play enough junior events. I'm not sure.

fan said...

Oh you might be right, haven't thought of that, thanks