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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pac 12, the Land of the Women; Swain goes to USC

Alison Swain goes to USC, so now except for Utah, ALL head coaches are women lol.
Can't be bad?  And Swain has proven that she's too good at Div. III. Let's give at least 5 years for her to rebuild the program.

As I said it'll be difficult to recruit after so many faux pas, but that's obviously the first thing to do, in which USC lagged behind other 'rivals'. Starting from the Class of 2018 of course, but many top players already committed.
Wonder who'll be the assistant coach.

P.S. Just read USC release and why did they include the comment from the CEO of ITA, that's weird. Because Swain is an ITA Board member?.. Obviously the scoring and format is different from Div. III(especially doubles, of course), dunno what she thinks of it.

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