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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 Clay National G18 singles regional breakdown

Of the remaining 32 players in MD;

CA; Volynets, Gordon, Jankowski, Haynes, Lin

NY; Kourkina, Lou, Hatton, Tartakovsky, Lim
NJ; Graver, O'Dell, Brylin, Noel

MW; Kowalski, Jones, Crowley, Yarlagadda
TX; Kung, Zein, Guevera, Creath

GA; Gauff, Hrastar, Alferova
FL; Wolfberg, Blake, Conard


Players from class of 2020 onwards;

Gauff(2022), Hrastar, Volynets, Gallagher, Noel, Navarro


Think the draw is top heavy.
Jones vs Gauff was probably the marquee singles match of the day, and 4 years? younger Gauff comfortably? won in 2.
She might meet Volynets from the 2nd quarter(who routed Kourkina), but we'll see.

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