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Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Fed Cup 2nd day] Intermountain vs Northern doubles #1

By this time was tired so escaped to the shade. PEPP asst. coach was watching this too, methinks, also Denise Dy(UW), probably to watch Gallagher.

Northern team was actually pretty good. Brown/Mullaney. Girl with a yellow t shirt served well, and had good vision, sending sharp passing drives. Her partner was quite good at net, poaching. Just some errors here and there.

Maybe should've watched Lambert vs Gallagher #1 match, too bad.

Eastern, facility of words; Beestern, Beelieve, haha. Was reminded of the Algonquin set!
Jerz, K mart, guacamole..

Passed Northern van as well, couldn't 'scrutinize' much because I was leaving in the car, and there was no parking space near the van lol, maybe next time.

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