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Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 1] Intermountain vs So. Cal

Again sacrificed birding, a rare Eastern vagrant Ovenbird is at Madrona Marsh; but birded yesterday anyway,(to no avail; many birders were there including the Scheels, and we all missed it. They saw it today though, only a glimpse, according to LACOBIRDS) and methinks I did hear it during the Eastern travel in April, so that's that.
I'm not doing a Big Year for LA county this year, but am aiming to surpass last year's total(the whole U.S.) 359 birds. Probably thanks to birding the East in Spring(found about 44 new species there), currently at 351 this year. Hope to surpass it during the Fall migration period(shorebirds are already migrating).

Florida vs Northern was pretty much finished(Reddy is injured? Too bad) when I arrived, and So. Cal lower singles positions won, too.
Which means, like SW, Colorado is producing good players. I mean, Gallagher, Burger and ABC are all good players, so probably no big surprise there.

#1 Jankowski vs Gallagher

Didn't know Sedona could hit so big. So they were basically trading bombs lol, Sedona probably targeting Cali's bh to good effect. Cali held on that wing pretty well though, nailing bh drive winner or slicing well. Probably as usual, bashed to defeat haha.
Not sure Cali is the #1 player, but I guess it's meaningless. Probably not much difference in ability across the board(anybody can play #1, Cali, Salma, Kelly and Hannah. Even Jen was pretty competitive against Kelly at Lakewood).

#2 Ewing vs Burger

This match was also very tight. This match was in the 2nd, #1, 3rd(which means that match, the points were short, understandably).

#3 Chen vs ABC

In the end Kelly was too good, but ABC still managed to prolong the rallies; won 4 games in the 2nd set.

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