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Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 1] Nor. Cal vs NE / PNW vs Eastern

NE and PNW rather impressed me today, they were actually quite competitive.

My feet hurts(my laptop is having trouble accessing this blog, so am at Best Buy lol. This when I stood all the way at the verandah of Biszantz), so will make it short.

Tried to watch Tan vs Tartakovsky a bit when I arrived. O'Dell playing #5,  Eastern could've been better, but still very competitive.
Lin vs Lim went to the distance, Lim was probably a lil' more solid. Managed to finish well.
I thought Fleischman hit quite big, but Rage won the long points.
Nice to see Cerdan again. Coach Swain was chatting with Cayward, thought it weird, but of course she's going to Williams lol. Who knows she'll be the next Kara Shoemaker...!
Coach Swain came by to watch Lin vs Lim methinks. Also watched Nor. Cal vs NE a bit. Iron Maiden watched Yeah vs Pezzuco methinks.

#1 Joyce vs Choy

Grace dumped tons haha. Still tight, 5,5. Sara had MTO in the 2nd set, but seemed okay. Indisputably the #1 player for both teams, generating huge pace.

#2 Newman vs Campana

N seemed quite sound, good at net, etc.

#3 Almy vs Madurawe

Did M get better? The 1st to finish.

#4 Pezzuco vs Yeah

Was really impressed with NE lower positions. All across the board(not only lower positions), were good at net, some quite powerful, and even applauded the opponents' fine play. P really impressed me. That wasn't an easy win by Yeah.

#5 Mavor vs Muljat

Left when this match went to 3rd lol(last match to finish), and I see that Mavor actually won.

#6 Campbell vs VL

'The Soup' was quite powerful, but VL parried well.

God, my feet. Off to 24 fitness jacuzzi..

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