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Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 1] Southern vs SW / Texas vs Hawaii

ASU, Utah, Arizona, MICH, OSU(Ohio), Nebraska, Purdue, Baylor, Cornell, NCSU(is he from Advantage?), CSF, So. Utah, Oregon(I was surprised to find it was Liz Lumpkin! Naturally we hugged in delight lol, etc.), Tribune? Pepp(the new asst. coach)..

Many college coaches are coaching the teams; Texas Tech, Dartmouth, FSU, Denver, SMC...Angela Haynes is coaching Southern, Nicola Slater, SW.

Spotted some vans; Beastern, as usual assertive and 'loud' lol(Limsanity, Sch(rage) the same), and it has a peculiar theme this year. Health Food; Whole Food, Organic Cow?, Dasani, etc. Jersey Shore as well. Who is 'Dirty Jertz?'
New uniform, and everybody(including the coach) wore a ribbon.

Middle States, not bad(artworks). Rather sparse, but fine artistic rendering of a tree branch, etc. Stark? but poetic.

NE, Founding Fathers, Campbell Soup? Don't tell me Sarah Campbell is related to....?

Surprise guest was Jada Hart, she was wearing the So. Cal t shirt and was chatting with Dalayna Hewitt(didn't play singles today).

Southern vs SW was one of the marquee matches today. SW still quite competitive. As I said, continues to produce good players.
Actually WON the doubles point, quite impressive of course. They played well, pretty much everybody.
Stein was excellent as usual(even lobbed well, running back toward the baseline; very difficult to do. Did it twice), but Toni Nelson was quite good as well. Was good at net. Was curious about her because she was highly ranked, and she did impress me today.

Alyvia as usual served well(they couldn't return), Forbes too. Alyvia is quite nimble for her size, at net; manages to maintain low balance, thereby returning well.

Shocking? win was #2, SW won in 40 minutes(6-game, a DAMN tragedy. As I said, they're killing doubles; didn't I say, MUNICH???? Told you so! They played normal 8-game last year), the first to finish.
Tatum wasn't too good today. Josie poached quite a lot. Corley was good at net.

#3, at first Ally was exquisite, showcasing her variety. Can't say what happened after that, but I do think that the sisters played well.

Left mid-match during singles;

#1 Forbes vs Stein

Lauren impressed me yet again(one of my favorite class of 2020 players). My first impression of her was Bellis-lite at RLP a few years ago, and as you know she really impressed me this Spring with her aggression and variety. She always was an aggressive player, and it wasn't different today. Whacked with all her might, and could put Abi on the defensive lots of time. Abi in fact moved and defended quite well. So the 2nd set was quite tight when I left.

#2 Kessler vs Nelson

Toni too, could handle K's pace, moved well..

#3 Navarro vs Frazier

I was surprised to find that N was 3rd on the roster. I dunno what to make of it(plenty of teams are putting veterans at the lower positions), but anyway she was a bigger hitter(and of course she has good variety as well). But Josie made the match competitive with her net approaches; in fact I'm not sure it wasn't a tactic, of course a good way to neutralize the opponent's power. Saw Lauren approach the net, too.

#6 Bojczuk vs Corley

I was very impressed with Carmen today. Methinks she's better than Ivana, presumably her sister? Can produce pace effortlessly. Hit quite sharply as well. But her serve was unstable, so the match was still tight methinks(B served well).


Couldn't really watch Texas vs Hawaii much. Marlee again 'the Cape girl'(didn't play today, at least singles), 'caping' throughout the singles match haha. Only saw start of singles a bit, so can't really say.

Adi was hitting deep, Jayci was aggressive as usual, and I was rather impressed with the #6 matchup, between Zhang and Wong.
#5 Zamani vs Corpuz seemed good, too.

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