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Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 2] So. Cal vs Florida / Eastern vs NorCal

I was rather impressed with Colling. Really a good hitter, in and out, dtl, no problema. Was that her sister who was watching beside me in the shade? I guess R was a bit more solid.

Wolfberg didn't play, still haven't seen her thus far lol, should try to watch her tomorrow.

Glad to see 'Sportsmanship Award winner(vide her TRN photo profile!)' Edwards again(2015 Winter Nat. Was it against Kung? The last day, was impressed with both then). Aggressive flat hitter, so certainly could harass Ewing, but defense was a bit suspect. Offense-oriented.

Kylie Moulin, the player who defeated Liu at the National!

128 Kylie Moulin d. (4) Claire Liu 7-5; 2-6; 6-3

Even lefty, so definitely a tough matchup for Cali. Cali's movement, improved consistency and variety contributed to winning the tough 1st set. Being a bigger hitter of course helped, but the points were generally long(and Cali managed to win those points).
1st SP was Cali reaching Kylie's drop shot? and sending a deep volley, eliciting Kylie's error. Great point. Didn't watch the 2nd set, roamed Eastern vs NorCal thereafter(except for watching Colling vs Redelijk).

Was impressed with other Floridans as well. Couldn't watch much of #4 and 5, but both were good, especially Rompf. Returned well. Sakar actually defeated Lin, a bigger hitter.
Wright was another revelation, really a good player; movement, variety, solid hitting. Troubled Chen enough. Goes to Mizzou, and Mizzou coach did watch her.


#1, couldn't watch much but another solid win by Limsanity. Choy fell later severely, tough luck, had to retire eventually.

#2 The longest match? Lol, finished later than 2pm. Caro won? Haha, she saved like 4 MPs. Probably Steph was a tad bigger hitter, but ultimately, couldn't quite clinch it; Caro moonballed those attacks well, and played well facing those match points. Steph hence Raged lol, and both were grunting, fighting hard. Practically every point were long. This final match, both sides were rooting like hell haha. Princeton coach was there watching the Rage(Raging Bull??!! Nah, baby tiger I guess). She began cramping while leading the TB, and then doubles started, so left.

#3 Good match, Cerdan was eventually the better hitter.

#4 Smart play by Graver. When I came back to watch the latter 3rd, she eliminated errors and played really patiently, driving efficiently and low, constructing was rather a revelation! Harnessed power to good effect. Good match against a solid player like Yeah.

#5, both were grunting like hell, haha, and didn't know Amber moonballs that well. Amber and Sonia once applauded the opponent's fine plays.

#6, seemed rather even, just watched a bit of the start of the 1st methinks.

5-2, quite a win by Eastern. As expected, went to the distance. Dunno if I'm that good predicting, or is it a sorta self-fulfilling prophecy!

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