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Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 2] Southern vs Texas / MW vs Mid-Atlantic

Vans, Southern? Motherfrucker? Theme was college, 'nowhere' must be Forbes haha.
Colorful Texas one, with its map. Best coach ever? Must be Sydney or Jayci who wrote it :p
Everything bigger in Texas?! 10? Gallon Hat(LBJ!). Flag too. I wasn't the only one who took pics of those vans (haven't done it this time, so far).
Who was 'caping' today lol(Marlee was busy today, in agony after errors! Later came by and chatted with Sophiaaaa a bit.
PEPP asst. coach was already there!
Also Michigan, USC, Auburn, Biszantz.

Mid-Atlantic was quite competitive in doubles, actually led MW throughout the match. Later Crowley really played well, showing exquisite variety. Methinks served well, too. Beating Subhash team is a big deal. Tran was pretty good as well. Once after a fierce Allen vs Subhash volley duel, C managed to nail a sharp passing shot winner. MP was C's poach methinks.

#1, Hewitt had some lapses, whether serving or driving, but when on her serve was almost untouchable. Later Merrill did manage to return it, but at crucial moments Stearns made some fine plays. S once hit H lol, in the face methinks! I think Merrill thought it was 8 game; at 5-5 thought to serve again; we are all mourning it, the emasculation of doubles even in junior stage!  Once sliced but got poached by H.

#3, who was that Mid-Atlantic hitter, hit quite big(Gulihur or Howard). Jackson also hit well. Seemed pretty even, that one.


Southern lost #3 doubles again, maybe MM is the problem..haha. This time teamed up with Rice, to no avail. Tatum's drives were still unstable. Methinks Texas #2 served well. Jayci also defended well, and Sydney poached. First to finish at 10:37am.

I think pretty much everybody served well in those 2 matches at 10am Bistantz.

#2, Zein once attacked N's serve. But overall condition didn't seem too good today.

PEPP asst. coach pretty much stayed there, watching 1,2 doubles methinks. Forbes? Kessler is of course a future Gator.

Texas #1 doubles was quite decent methinks, but couldn't really watch much.


I thought Adi played decently.

I see that Texas really challenged Southern, it wasn't an easy win, at all.
Sydney defeated Tatum, quite a win.
Dunno how MM lost, she was clearly the bigger hitter...haha.
Jayci was aggressive as usual. Too bad I couldn't watch this more, had to leave to watch Florida singles at TCC.

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